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Expert NameDr. Othman El Shawesh
TitleHead of Range and Forestry Dept.
DivisionAnimal Research Division
InstitutionMinistry of Agriculture
CountryLibyan Arab Jamahiriya
Telephone218 805778
Work Experience1. I participate in most of the aspects dealing with natural vegetation studies and surveying, range ecology, ecosystem management, range improvement and management, fodder shrubs plantations, photo-interpretation, etc. 2. Assisting in implementing strategies and plans and soil conservation and fighting desertification. 3. Participate in studying and identifying ways to develop complementarity between rangelands and agricultural lands. 4. Teaching and research work, etc.
QualificationsB.Sc. Plant Production, University of Tripoli, Libya, 1971. M.Sc. Range Science, University of Wyoming, USA, 1977. Ph.D. Range Ecology, University of Wyoming, USA, 1981.
Number of Publications17
Other Activities1. Member of international Honor Society of Agriculture (Gamma Sigma Delta) 2. Member of the Scientific Research Society of North America of Sigma XI. 3. Member of American Society for Range Management (SRM).
Publications1. Shawesh, O.M., K.A. Suleiman and T.A. Yahia, 1996. Aridity and Desertification and their effects on food security. National Council for Scientific Research, Tripoli, Libya, Pages 455-542. 2. Shawesh, O.M., and A.T. Abuzakhm, 1993. Basic nutrient constituents for some range plants in Bir Al-Ghanam Range Project. Libyan Journal of Agriculture, Vol. 4. 3. Al-Jadouyi, J.M. and O.M. Shawesh and A.M. Al-Hamrouni, 1984. Atriplex species and their importance in range improvement in the North African countries of the Green Belt Project. National Office for Agriculture Advice and Studies. Tripoli/Libya, Page 137. 4. Le Houerou, H.N., Servoz, T. Telahigue and O.M. Shawesh, 1988. Evaluation of development potentials of existing range projects in Western Libya. UTFN/Lib./D11/Lib. 5. Suleiman, M.M., O.M. Shawesh, Abuzakham and M.K. Ayoub. 1982. A study of reconnaissance inventory and improvement of Libyan rangelands. Arab organization for Agriculturel Development. Khartoum, Sud
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 17:46:00

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