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Expert NameDr. Taher Ahmed Yahia
DivisionFac. of Agriculture/Soil & Water Dept.
InstitutionUniversity of Al-Fateh
CountryLibyan Arab Jamahiriya
Work Experience1. Teaching at the Soil and Water Dept. from 1977-1998. 2. Cons. for the Man Made River Project from 1985-1993. 3. Cons. for the Sudan-Libya Ag. Project, 1998.
QualificationsB.Sc. University of Tripoli, 1970. M.Sc. University of Arizona, USA, 1975. Ph.D. University of Arizona, USA, 1977.
Number of Publications2
AwardsDean, Faculty of Ag. Al Fateh Univ. 1979-1981.
Other Activities
Publications- Effect of sulphuric acid on ammonia volatilization under furrow irrig., The Libyan Journal of Ag. VIX Dec, 1980 (173-181). - Effect of soil mixing with organic residues on some physical properties of soil and plant growth. The L. J. of Ag. VII, 1982 (181-195).
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated09/05/2007 17:48:00

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