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Expert NameMr. Makoala V. Marake
DivisionDept. of Soil and Resource Conservation
InstitutionMinistry of Agriculture, Lesotho
Telephone9 266 340 601
Work Experience- Currently, Head of Department and Lecturer in soil science courses: soil fertility/plant nutrition, soil chemistry, soil physics, soil genesis/morphology and classification and soil microbiology/biochemistry and undergraduate and postgraduate level. Supervise undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. - Conservation Soil Scientist, 1985-87: Conducting soil survey, mapping and interpretations for various land uses with emphasis on agricultural applications. Concurrent appointment as Research Soil Scientist in the Agricultural Research Division, Ministry of Agriculture to develop soil test methodology, correlation and calibration for fertilizer recommendations on the soil of Lesotho
QualificationsCertificate in Agriculture, Lesotho Agricultural College, Maseru, 1977 Diploma, Agronomy, Colorado State University, USA, 1983 B.Sc., Agronomy, Colorado State University, USA, 1985 M.Sc., (Soil and Water), Soil Fertility and Management, University of Nebraska, USA, 1989 Ph.D., (Soil and Water), Soil Fertility, University of Nebraska, USA, 1993
Number of Publications24
Awards1.Vice-President (1987-88), President (1989-90) of the African Student Association; Student President of the year award, University of Nebraska, 1990 2. Secretary General, Lesotho University Teachers and Researchers Union, 1993-1995 3. African Horizons
Other Activities1. Member, American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America, USA 2. Member, Soil Science Society of South Africa 3. Member, Sigma XI Scientific Research Society, University of Nebraska Chapter, USA 4. Member, Agroforestry Network (AFNET), Lesotho 5. Member, Participatory Development Forum, Lesotho 6. Member of Key Universities Committee including University Senate and Academic Appointment Committee
Publications1. Marake, M.V. and Moulemli, P.A., 1997: Environmental Management and Planning in Lesotho; Conservation and Forestry. In have the Environmental Plans Worked? Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (in review) 2. Mareke, M.V., 1997: Crop Production in Lesotho. In The State of Environment Report. National Environmental Secretariat. Government of Lesotho (in review) 3. Mareke, M.V., Sander, D.H., and Walters, D.T., 1996: Influence of Anydrous Ammonia Band Spacing and Rate. (II) The Effect on Bank Persistance. Soil Science Society of America Journal (in review) 4. Mareke, M.V., 1997: Historical Document of the Production Through Conservation Program. Department of Soil Conservation, Forestry and Land Use Planning, Ministry of Agriculture, Lesotho 5. Marake, M.V., Prasad, G. and Segerros, M., 1995: Innovative Action Learning Areas: Implications for a Systems Approach to Long Term Soil Productivity. Soil Symposium Proceedings, University of Zambia
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated09/05/2007 17:44:00

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