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Expert NameMr. Edwin Monyane Seitlheko
DivisionNational Environment Youth Corps
Work ExperienceResearch work done: 1978 - Erodibility and genesis of Duplex Soils in Lesotho; 1979-1998 - Rate of gully extension in Lesotho; 1982-84 - Splash erosion as affected by different slopes, conservation measures and rainfall intensities; 1982-85 - Sediment load and chemistry of Roma Valley streams; 1991 - Agro-forestry in Lesotho; 1991 - Soil temperature variations with soil depth; 1993 - Impact of soil erosion on productivity in Lesotho
Qualifications- Ph.D., Agriculture, (Agronomy) Texas Tech. University, 1989 - FUA/ITC/WAGENINGEN, 8 weeks course, 1978 - Remote Sensing, Michigan, 2 months course, 1977 - P.G.S., Soil Survey, Texas Tech. University, 1975 - M.Sc., Texas Tech. University, 1975 - B.Sc., University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, 1973
Number of Publications8
Awards- Member, Soil Science Society of American Journal; - Member, Journal of Range Management; - Member, South African Journal of Plant and Soil; - Member, Journal of Grassland Society of Southern Africa
Other Activities1. Member of a 6 man committee (EAC) appointed to advise the joint permanent Technical Commission (LHWP), on environmental issues, 1992; 2. Chairman, EAC, 1993; 3. Member, NFAP Steering Committee in Lesotho, 1995; 4. Member, UNESCO Science Committee in Lesotho, 1995; 5. Reviewer of a chapter on 'Soil Conservation and Land use planning' in the State of the Environment in Lesotho, NES, 1997; 6. Member of a group looking at Climate Change in Lesotho, 1997
Publications1. Seitlheko, E.M., 1989: Effects of three grazing intensities on selected soil properties in semiarid West Texas. With B.L. Allen. Agronomy Abstracts; 2. Seitlheko, E.M., 1990: Laboratory Manual. Introduction to Soil Science. NUL Department of Geography; 3. Seitlheko, E.M., 1993: Effects of three grazing intensities on selected soil properties in semiarid West Texas. Afr.J.For Sci.10 (2); 4. Seitlheko E.M. and Makatjane, T., 1996: Options for financing secondary teachers salaries: The case of Lesotho.Boleswa Educational Research Journal. Vol. 13 5. Seitlheko E.M., 1998: Impact of communal land tenure on natural resource evaluation: Examples from Lesotho. Review of Southern African studies. Vol. 2
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated13/11/2014 17:51:00

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