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Expert NameProf. Tayeb Ameziane El Hassani
InstitutionInstitut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II
Telephone212 7 778645
Work ExperienceDr. Ameziane is a professional agronomist and crop physiologist and has been working in the field of crop production and management since 1975. He has also participated in programmes concerned with the development of animal production. Since 1982, Dr. Ameziane has undertaken research on farming systems under dry conditions with particular reference to the study of ley farming system as means of intensifying cereal and forage production. At the same time, he has carried out research on modelling growth and yield of field crops for diagnosis and prediction. Within the framework of development projects, research contracts and consultations, Dr. Ameziane has worked for the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the International Foundation for Science (IFS), the European Union (UE), the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation (ACCT), the Francophone Agency for Higher Education and Research (AUPELF.UREF), the International Development Research Centre (IDRC
QualificationsPh.D, Agronomy & Modelling, University of Reading, England, UK, 1986. Msc, Crop Physiology, University of Reading, England, UK, 1981. Ingénieur Agronome Spécialisé, Crop Production, IAV Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco, 1975. Diplôme of Advanced Agronomy, INA Paris-Grignon, Paris, France, 1974. BSc, Agriculture, IAV Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco, 1973.
Number of Publications77
AwardsScientific adviser to IFS (Stockholm), AUPELF.UREF (Paris) and IFA (Paris).
Other Activities1. Director of College of Agriculture and previous Head of Agronomy Department at IAV Hassan II 2. Active member of Scientific Committee and of Editorial Board of the francophone journal "Agricultures", published by John Libbey Eurotext and Aupelf.Uref, Paris. 3. Membership of several national and international scientific/professional associations in Morocco (ANAFID, ANAPPAV, ANPA, AMN), in France (AFPF), in UK (BGS) and USA (ASA).
Publications1. Ameziane El Hassani, T. & Persoons, E. (Eds), 1995. Agronomie Moderne : Bases agronomiques et physiologiques de la production végétale. Collection Universités Francophones, Edition Hatier, Paris. 2. Ameziane El Hassani, T. (1994). Evaluation of the Burkina Faso-INERA Production Systems Research and Natural Ressources Management Programme. Report to USAID, Ouagadougou. 3. Ameziane El Hassani, T. (1995). Evaluation de l'impact de la sécheresse de 1994-95 sur la production des semences et plants au Maroc. Rapport soumis à la DPV/MAMVA et FAO. 4. Ameziane El Hassani, T. (1996). Etude d'évaluation de l'impact de l'ajustement structurel au niveau des exploitations agricoles, typologie et modèles de ferme. in : Evaluation de l'impact des mesures d'ajustement structurel dans le secteur de l'agriculture au Maroc. Rapport soumis à la DPAE/MAMVA et FAO. 5. Ameziane El Hassani, T. (1997). IFA International Fertilizer Award : Assessment of the winner. Evaluation Report to IFA
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 18:02:00

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