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Expert NameMr. Ciubotaru Valentin
TitleExecutive Director
DivisionNGO BIOS
Telephone+373 22 285343
Emailvalentin.ciubotaru(at); ngobios(at); ngobios(at),
Work ExperienceI am a member of: National Group of the UNCCD Convention implementation in the Republic of Moldova (since 2004), National Society of Soil Science of the RM (NSSSM) – since 1989, Council of Europe Committee on Rural Law (since 1995), the International Union of Soil Science (since 1994), the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (since 2005). I was the member of Scientific Council of the Research Institute for Soil Science and Agroichemistry during the period: 1989-1998. I represented the NSSSM at the 15th (Acapulco, Mexico, 1994) and 16th Congress of Soil Science (Montpellier, France, 1998).
Number of Publications
Other Activities
Publications1. Agri-environment measures: achievements and problems, rules and advices/ (co-author), Chisinau, 2011, 62 p. (in Romanian and Russian) 2. Monitoring and Assessment of Desertification and Land Degradation: Knowledge Management, Institutions and Economics. White Paper of DSD Working Group 3, (co-author)/ The United Nations University Hamilton, Ontario, (in English), Canada, 2010, 126 p. 3. Third National Report on the implementation of the UNCCD in the Republic of Moldova (co-author). Chisinau, (in English and Romanian), 2006, 88 p. 4. The Particulars of Organic Agriculture in the Republic of Moldova (in English) / Organic Agriculture, Agrotourism and Genetically Modified Organisms: Polish Experience for Moldova. Proceedings of International Conference. Chisinau, Moldova, 2005, p. 6-12 5. Environmental Performance Reviews, Republic of Moldova (in English), Second review, (co-author)/ Economic Commission for Europe, Committee on Environmental Policy, New York and Geneva, 2005, 163 p. 6. Farmer’s Book. (co-author). Chisinau, 2005, 264 p. (in Romanian) 7. Urban Agriculture in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. (co-author). Chisinau, (in English), 2005, 60 p. 8. Republic of Moldova. National Implementation Plan for the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants, (co-author). Chisinau, (in English and Romanian), 2004, 80 p. 9. First National Communication of the Republic of Moldova under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (co-author). Chisinau, (in English and Romanian), 2000, 74 p 10. Ways for Improving Soil Cover Condition (in English), /Conference: Soils in Central European Countries, New Independent States, Central Asian Countries and in Mongolia. Present Situation and Future Prospects, Prague-Czech Republic, 26-29 august 2000, 148-154 pp.
DisciplineSoil Degradation
Last updated12/07/2013 16:37:00

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