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Expert NameDr. José Dimas Lopez Martinez
TitleProfessor and Researcher
DivisionFaculty of Agriculture and Zootechnic
InstitutionUniversidad Juarez de Durango
Telephone52 17 251 60
Work Experience- Professor and researcher at the Agriculture and Zootechnic School in Juarez University of Durango State (UJED) 1986 to date. - Professor at the Department of Arid Zones in Autonomous Chapingo University, 1985-1986 - Participant at Soil and Water Conservation Program in Mexico State, 1983-1985
QualificationsB. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture and Zootechnic School. Juarez University of Durango State, Mexico, 1982. M. Sc. CIGA-ITA No. 10, Coahuila State, Mexico. 1989 Ph. D. Agronomy School of Nuevo Leon University. 1996
Number of Publications5
Awards- Scholarship given by the Academical Performance (BEDA) Mexico, 1994-1996
Other Activities- Participant in project: Determination of competitive markets in Comarca Lagunera (Coahuila and Durango States) supported by DGETA and National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) - Direction of 20 Bachelor Degree thesis - Direction of one Masters level thesis - Member of the National Researcher System, 1991-1995
Publications1. Simulation model to measure the infiltration speed into Comarca Lagunera soils, 1995 2. Mathematical model to assign financial resources efficiently 3. Determination of comparative advantages for corn farming in Comarca Lagunera, 1995. 4. Excellent economics in corn of temporal for Mexico State, 1987
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 17:26:00

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