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Expert NameDr. Enrique Salazar Sosa
DivisionAgriculture and Zoology School
InstitutionUniversidad Juarez de Durango
Telephone52 17 214 173
Work Experience- Adjutant researcher in CAESIH at National Institute for Forestry, Animal Husbandry Research (INIFAP), Mexico, 1978-1983. - Professor and researcher at the Agriculture and Zoology School, Juarez University of Durango State. 1983 to date. - Professor and researcher at CIGA-ITA 10, 1994 to date
QualificationsB. Sc in Agricultural Engineering, Autonomous University of Nuevo Léon, 1978 M. Sc. in Institute Technological and Superior Studies of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, 1983 Ph. D. in Philosophy, Neew York State University, USA, 1994
Number of Publications5
Awards- President of Mexican Society of Soil Sciences for the Lagoon Section (Coahuila and Durango States), Mexico, 1996-1997
Other Activities- Member of the Planning Committee on Regional Research Sivilla-National Council fo Science and Technology (CONACYT), 1995. - Member of Advising Committee on Regional Research, Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, 1995. - CONACYT Adjutant Executive in Durango and Coahuila Staes about Natural Resources and Environment, since 1996 - Member of Soil Science Amercan Society USA
Publications1. SALAZAR, S.E. Y R. ZUÑIGA. 1995. Fertilization N-P interaction with density of population in garlic. Horticulture Magazine Vol. Vi. Ed. Obregon, Sonora. Mex. p.1-15. 2. SALAZAR, S.E. Y LOPEZ, M.J.D. 1995. Wild marjoram production through cultural practices for rain water catching in-situ. Terra Vo. 13. Num. 4 Chapingo, Mex. P. 492-498. 3. SALAZAR, S.E., N.B. CHRISTENSEN. W.C. LINDEMANN and L.R. GIL. 1994. Nitrogen and Carbon Dinamics in no-till and stubble tillage systems. Agron. J.86. P. 296-303. 4. SALAZAR, S.E. W.C. LINDEMAN and M. CARDENAS. 1994. Mineralization under Field and Laboratory Conditions After Wheat Harvest. Published in International Desertification Commission. P. 1-20. 5. SALAZAR, S.E., R.J.G. CHAVIRA and C.V. VASQUEZ. 1994. Crop Production and Water Management Under Dry Land Conditions. Published in the International Commission. P. 21-35.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 17:32:00

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