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Expert NameMr. Rafael Zarate Zarate
Institutionno institution
Telephone52 3 615 17 29
Work Experience* Researcher in Physics of soils, Edaphology Center of Postgraduate College, Montecillo, Mexico, 1988-1995 * Sub-director, professor and researcher at Western University Regional Center from Chapingo Autonomous University (CRUOC-UACH) 1995-1998 * Professor and collaborator in the course "Cartography and land degradation" for postgraduate students, Postgraduate College, Montecillo, Mexico, 1992. * Assistant Professor at the course "Natural Resources and Technological Change" 1995 * Professor in charge of 9 courses at postgraduate and bachelor level
QualificationsB.Sc, Agricultural Engineer, Specializing in Soil, Autonomous University of Chapingo, 1987 M.Sc, Center of Edaphology, Postgraduate College, Montecillo, Mexico
Number of Publications5
Awards* Candidate as National Researcher for National Researcher System, 1992-1995
Other Activities* Project coordinator in Country Studies: Mexico facing the global climatic changes. Sub-area: Vulnerability to Desertification, Interinstitutional porject between the National Institute of Ecology, U.S. Country Studies Program and UNAM, Mexico, 1995. * Participant and responsible for the Sub-commission of the Scientific Program at the IV International Conference on Desert Development, Mexico, 1993 * Participant at the 15th World Congress of Soil Sciences with the paper "Support capacity as indicator of land degradation risk", Mexico, 1994
Publications1. R. Zarate et al (editors) Booklet of Abstracts of the IV International Conference on Desert Development: Sustainable Development for our Common Future, Mexico, 1993, FAO, UNEP, CONAZA, CO ICDD, Postgraduate College, 354 pages. 2. R.Zarate et al (editors) 1994. Proceedings of the IV International Conference on Desert Development: Sustainable Development of our Common Future, 576 pages. 3. R. Zarate. Desertification in the State of Mexico. Great vision study oriented for actions on sustainable development. Autonomous University of Chapingo. 86 pages 4. R. Zarate. Condition of land degradation inducted by man: a manual for its cartography. Journal of soils No. 24, Natural Resources Institute. 79 pages. 5. R. Zarate. Statics methodology for data interpretation of land degradation. Autonomous University of Chapingo, Mexico. 86 pages (on press)
DisciplineSoil Science
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