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Expert NameDr. Luis Rendon Pimentel
DivisionDistricts and Irrigation Units
InstitutionInstituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua
Telephone52 5 6632209
Work Experience* Work construction Resident in Sinaloa, Mexico, Presidential Project "Benito Juarez" Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganaderai (1974-1975). * Postgraduates College: a) researcher at Regional Center for the Tropics, Veracruz, Mexico, 1979-1983 b) Professor and resaercher in the Hydrosciences Center, Titualr scientific for courses of Irrigation by gravity and Water movement in partially saturated soils 1987-1992. c) principal of the HydroSciences Center 1990-1992. * General Manager in Technology of Irrigation and Drainage, Technology of the Water Mexican Institute (IMTA) 1992 to date.
Qualifications* Agronomist engineer with an Irrigation Specialty at E.N.A. Chapingo, Mexico 1967-1974 * M. Sc. Irrigation and Drainage Specialist at Postgraduate College, Montecillo, Mexico, 1976-1979 * Advanced Studies Diploma, Universidad Cientifica, Technologica y Medica de Grenoble, Francia, 1983-1984 * Doctorate in Sciences, Mechanical of Fluid Specialist, Universidad Cietifica, Technologica y Medica, Grenoble, Francia, 1984-1987
Number of Publications5
Awards* Second place award for distinguished activities in Teaching, Research and Services Academic Level in the Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico, 1988. * First place award for distinguished sctivities in Teaching, Research and Services Academic Level in the
Other Activities* Professor and researcher in the Nationa Researcher Level "I" 1989 to date.
Publications1. Calibration of mathematicla model for irrigation by suction. Future Developments in Soil Science Research, a collection of SSSA Golden Anniversary. 2. Study of the hysteresis and the relation between capilar potential and soil humidity 3. Determination of an infiltration physic-empirical equation for a melga 4. Infiltration equations and theirs applicability 5. Water movements in soils : the role of analytical solutions
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 17:31:00

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