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Expert NameMr. Victor Suárez Carrera
TitleExecutive Director
InstitutionAsociación Nacional de Empresas Comercializadoras
CityMéxico, DF
Telephone52 5 6535910
Work Experience- Assistant in Communal Works at Chinanteca Indigenous Region in Oaxaca State, Mexico, 1974-1976 - Assistant on Communal Works at Tojolabal Indigenous Region at Chiapas State, 1977-1978, Mexico - Assistant Delegate at the Regional Social Organization in San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico - General Subdirector at the General Direction of Forestry Development. Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources Secretary - SARH, Mexico, 1983 - Adjutant Secretary of Social Production at the National Forestry Commission. SARH, SEDUE, SRA a joint Federal Agriculture and the Federal Government, 1989.
QualificationsB. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics Specialist, National School of Agriculture, 1975, Mexico.
Number of Publications0
Other Activities- Promoter, Founder and Executive Director of the National Association of Field Producers in Commercial Entreprises, A.C. (ANEC) - Participant since 1984 in the International Forums in Nicaragua, Yugoslavia, Germany, Argentina, USA, France, Ecuador, Brazil and India. - Participant in studies on: Public Politics for Agropecuary Sector; Public Politics for Mexican Agriculture based in consensus and certainty (thesis); Direction of Commercial Entreprises; Leadership and quality for competitivity.
DisciplinePolitical Science
Last updated27/07/2011 17:34:00

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