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Expert NameDr. Francisco Luciano Concheiro Borquez
TitleProfessor and Researcher
DivisionEconomic Production
InstitutionUniversidad Autonoma Metropolitana Plantel Xochimilco
CityDelegacion Coyoacan
Telephone52 5 724 50 66
Work Experience- Professor and researcher since 1975 at Autonomous Metropolitan University - Guest professor in different universities and institutes from Mexico, Cuba, Spain, El Salvador and France - Co-director of Green Peace in Mexico during 1992 - Researcher of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, Ecology Department and Social Anthropology, Mexico, 1975-1977 - Social Development Coordinator in Masteral Level at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM-Xochimilco), Mexico - Coordinator of projects at INAH, UAM, etc. mainly in rural and social development
QualificationsBachelor degree, Economy, National Autonomous University of Maxico (UNAM) 1976 Masteral degree, Sociology, UNAM, 1978 Ph. D., Social Sciences, UNAM, 1984
Number of Publications100
Awards- Best student in Economics, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Technologia, 1975. - Scholarship for 6 months, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Gramsci Institute, Rome, Italy, 1976 - Scholarship for 1 year, Universidad Complutense. Madrid, Spa
Other Activities- 1 year scholarship at the University Cumplutense of Madrid, Spain, 1985 - 1 year scholatship at Gramsci Instute, Rome, Italy - Workshop for graduate and postgraduate level in Social development, rural development and ownership, 1987-1992 at UAM-Xochimilco - Lecturer in more than 50 conferences, seminars and symposiums at graduate and postgraduate level.
Publications1. L. Concheiro, Leon Garcia. The masteral degree in the Rural Development: a link option with the peasants. University Reflexions No. 2, UAM.Xochimilco 1989, 27 pages. 2. L. Concheiro. Rural development crisis and NAFTA impact. Trinational Meetinf on Agriculture, Environment and NAFTA, Mexico, 1991. Political Sciences, 32 pages. 3. L. Concheiro. The new agricultural and animal husbandty mexican policy and the land's market. Colombia de la Reforma Agraria (INCORA) FAO, Bogota, 44 pages. 4. L. Concheiro. The challenge for the rural people in a poverty context. Forum about Teaching, Research and Service in Rural Environment. Universidad Autonoma de Morelos 1994, Political Sciences, 46 pages. 5. L. Concheiro. The ejido: a study of a rural socio-economic system that has contributed to building Mexico. United Nations Center for the Regional Development. Nagoya, Japan, 1996 (english) 52, pages.
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