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Expert NameMr. Rafael Calderón Arózqueta
TitleFull Time Researcher
DivisionAnimal Production Unit
InstitutionUniversidad Autonoma Metropolitana Plantel Xochimilco
Telephone52 5 7245066/6182355
Work Experience- Professor and researcher "C" (full time) at the Autonomous Metropolitan University Xochimilco Unit (UAM-X) with 20 years experience. - Participant in the Sustainable Agriculture Research Project: Rural Development in Mexico. Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM-X), 1995-1997 - Author and collaborator in 12 publications, related with Ecology, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Education. 1992-1996. - Conductor and collaborator in 30 technical bulletins, chapters in books and newspaper articles.
QualificationsB. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Specialization in Agriculture, Autonomous Chapingo University, 1976 M. Sc. in Rural Development. Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), 1994.
Number of Publications100
Awards- Annual Research Scholarship 1992-1995 and 1996 - Annual Permanence Scholarship 1992 to 1996 - Annual Educational Scholarship 1992 to 1996 - Loja National University (Ecuador) award conferred by Professors Association of Agriculture Sciences Facul
Other Activities- Participant in research projects such as: a) Superior Agricultural Education in Mexico b) Dynamics of technological changes in agriculture and agroindustry in Mexico. this work was distinguished with "Jesus Silva Herzog" award by Economical Research Institute of Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) - Participant in the project: Biotechnology and sustainable development"funded ny OECD and the Canadian Institute for Sciences and Technology - Member of the Council of Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) - Consultative Member of the Mexican Committee for International Practice of Agronomy (COMPIAG) 1994 to date.
Publications1. Calderón A. R. Modernization and Rural Development: the necessity of new atrategies to facing the change. RED MEXICO, W.K. Kellogg Foundation y CEICADAR C-P-, México 1994. Num.1 pp. 15-19. 2. Solleiro J.L. and Col. Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture. A country Study in Mexico. Mimeo. CIT-UNAM, 1994 3. Trujillo A., Javier Calderón, A.R., Torres-Lima Pablo, A. and De-Leon, G.F. (editors). Ecology applied to Agriculture. Selected Themes of Mexico. Autonomous Metropolitan University, Xochimilco Unit, Mexico, 1996. 4. Rafael Calderón Arózqueta, Ana Mercedes Hernández Fernández and Patricia Zavaleta Beckler. The conceptual basis of Sustainable Development. Memorials of Seminar of Research Area Agriculture Systems Environment, UAM-X, Mexico, 1995. 5. Arózqueta, R.C. and R.D. Quintana. The Sustainable Agriculture: A conceptual frame for agroecology since a transdisciplinary approach. Memorials on the Seminar of Research Area Agriculture Systems Environment, U
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 17:11:00

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