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Expert NameDr. Jorge Duch Gary
TitleProfessor and Researcher "B2"
DivisionRegional Center Direction of the University
InstitutionUniversidad Autonoma Chapingo
Telephone52 595 523 57
Work Experience- Professor and researcher "B2" at Regional Center Direction of the University (MCDRR), Autonomous University of Chapingo (UACH) - Soil photointerpreter; Technical trainer in Cartography and land evaluations; Chief of Agrarain Office at the Commission of National Territora Studies (CETENAL), Mexico - Head University's Regional Center of Yucatan Peninsula - Coordinator of Masteral Sciences level in Regional Rural Development at UACH - Professor of Edaphology, Regional Agriculture and Regional Analysis at graduate level, Seminars on thesis at postgraduate level, UACH
QualificationsB. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Soil Specialist, Autonomous Chapingo University (UACH), 1972 M. Sc. in Rural Development, Autonomous Chapingo University, 1995 Master of Philosophy at Yale University, USA, 1983-1985 Ph. D. in Philosophy, Yale University USA
Number of Publications16
Other Activities- Member and founder of Regional Center Systems, Autonomous Chapingo University, UACH - Member of Founder Editorial Committee inAgricultural Geography Journal - Coordinator of Researcher Program about Natural Resources and Agriculture - Member of National Researcher System
Publications1. Physiographical configuration of Yucatan State (its relation with agriculture) Autonomous Chapingo University, Chapingo, Mexico 1991 (book published) 2. The floodable low sites (ak'alches) of Yucatan peninsula: expectations of their environmental evaluation to agriculture purposes. Autonomous Chapingo University, Chapingo. Mexico, 1991 (book published) 3. Natural Resources Study for Agriculture in the System of Regional Centers. Several articles; Duch G. Licona V. A. and Larios, R.J. Autonomous Chapingo University Huatusco, Ver. 1992 (compiled book) 4. Natural Resources Improvement in Mexican Agriculture. Several articles; Licona V. A.; Duch, G. J.; Larios, R. J. Autonomous Chapingo University, Chapingo, Mexico, 1994 (compiled book) 5. The Mexican Tropical Agriculture: Verycruz, Tabasco and Yucatan. Ayala, M. de J.; Castillo, D. J. l.; Cruz, L.A. ; Duch G.J.; Hernandez, J.; Licona V.A.; Mcaossay, V. M.; Nava M. R.; Ortiz G. G. ; Perez, P.E.; Autonomous Chapingo Univer
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 17:15:00

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