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Expert NameMr. Juan Walterio Estrada Berg Wolf
TitleProfessor and Researcher
DivisionSoils Department
InstitutionUniversidad Autonoma Chapingo
Telephone52 595 42200/5139
Work Experience- Professor and researcher at the Soils Department. Autonomous University of Chapingo. - Coordinator of Postgraduate course "Combat Soil Desertification" and "Diploma in Sustainable Development and New Rurality", Rural Sociology Department, UACH, 1997. - Professor of curricular course on "Desertification", Natural Resources Engineering Carreer (sixth grade), Soils Department of Autonomous University of Chapingo, 1997.
QualificationsB. Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Soil Specialization, Autonomous University of Chapingo (formerly National School Agriculture), 1971 M. Sc. at the Postgraduate College of National School of Agriculture, 1974 Ph. D. at the Autonomous University of Chapingo, 1977
Number of Publications104
Other Activities- Author and coauthor of more than 31 articles in Chapingo Journal, principal technical and scietific publication of the Autonomous University of Chpaingo, Mexico. - Lecturer at the National Congress of Soil Science with more than 18 works since 1972.
Publications1. Eolical Erosion Cartography in Mexican Republic (methodology FAO, 1979). Presented in XXII National Congress of Soil Science, 1989. 2. Environmental Deterioration of Mexico Arid Zones. Soil Department, UACH, 1995. 3. Social Impact of Natural Resources Deterioration. Soil Department, UACH, 1997. 4. Desertification in Mexico. Latin America and Carribean Desertification Experts Meeting. United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). FAO/UNESCO Publication. 1993, Mexico, D.F. 5. Stategies for Desertification Control. Soils Department, UACH, 1997.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated27/07/2011 17:15:00

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