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Expert NameMr. Israel Velasco Velasco
TitleHydraulics Specialist "4A"
DivisionHydrological Technology Coordination
InstitutionInstituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua
Telephone52 73 194000 ext. 511
Work Experience- Techinical assistant at the Headquarters Operation. Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources Secretariat (SARH). Irrigation District 014, Colorado River, Mexicali, B.C. 1979-1984 - Head of the Hydrology Operation Department - SARH, 1989 - Assistant Secretary of the National Commission of Water at Irrigation Districts Management (CAN) 1991 - Hydraulics Specialist "IV-A" at the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (CAN-IMTA), Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico, 1993 - Hydraulics Specialist "4B" at IMTA. Participant in internal development project: Politics to confronting drought. 1995 to date
QualificationsB. Sc. in Agiricultural Engineering, Hydraulics Specialist, Autonomous University (UACH) 1979, Mexico M. Sc. in Hydraulics, Postgraduate Division at the Engineering Faculty of UNAM, 1988, Mexico Ph. D. in Hydraulics Engineering, Postgraduate Division at the Engineering Faculty of UNAM, 1995 to date
Number of Publications15
Other Activities- Couthor and collaborator in 15 technical publications
Publications1. Velasco, Israel. Application of a flow simulation model established to an irrigation canals net. 13th Hydraulic National Congress. Puerto Vallarta, Jal. October 1992. 2. Velasco, Y., Balancan, A., Jaimes, S., Robles, B. Geographic Information System for Irrigation Districts: The case of DR 085 La Begona, Gto. 3rd Pan-American Regional Conference of International Committee on Irrigation and Drainage. Mazatlan. Sin. 1992 3. Velasco, Y. Santiago Jaimes and Braulio Robles. The Geographic Information Systems, Agricultural Soils and Irrigation Districts Operation. 15th International Congress of Soil Science. Acapulco, Mexico. July 1994. 4. Velasco, Y. and Ruben Miranda. Operative Diagnosis of 005 Irrigation District: Delicias, Chih. Hydraulics Engineering in Mexico. Vol XI, No. 1, Epoca, Pages 39-51, January-April 1996. Mexico. 5. Velasco, Israel, Braulio Robles and Santiago Jaimes. Transfer and Adaptation of a Geographic Information System to user Associations of Tr
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