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Expert NameMr. Jorge Sanchez-Sesma
InstitutionInstituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua
Telephone52 73 19 39 01
Work Experience- Assistant researcher at Engineering Institute, Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), 1974-1979 - Assistant Professor at the Engineering School, UNAM, 1976-1978 - Researcher at the Electrical Researcher Institute, Mexico, 1980-1982 - Researcher at the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) 1988 to date - Lecturer at 11 Congresses on the subject "Wind energy distribution in the Republic of Mexico" V Congress of the Engineering National Academy, Morelia, Michoacan, 1979 - Lecturer in 9 seminars on subjects related with wind studies
QualificationsB. Sc. in Civil Engineering, Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), 1978 M. Sc. in Engineering, Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), 1980 Ph. D. (Candidate) in Engineering, UNAM, 1997
Number of Publications54
Awards- Scholarship from the Institute of engineering, 1974-1979 - Scholarship from the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), 1979-1980 - National Researcher Level 1 at the National Researchers System (CONACYT), 1991-1995
Other Activities- Author of 35 research reports for UNAM, AID and IMTA projects. - Author of the final report "Prediction and characteristics of droughts", 1989 and "Rainfall caluations using the remote sensories", 1991 for the Mexican Institute of Water Technology. - Consultant for Federal District Department (Mexico City) for Construction Regulations. Chapter Design by the Wind. - Consultant for the Manual "Design of Civil Works". Chapter 4, Seign by the wind. 1993, Federal Commission of Electricity.
Publications1. J. Sanchez-Sesma et al. A Simple Modeling Procedure for Estimation of Maximum Cyclonic Wind Speeds. J. Struct Div. ASCE, vol.114, N°2 February 1988. 2. J. Aguirre and J. Sãnchez Sesma. Probability consideration for electrical power transmision lines structures wind design for México. Probability Methods Applied to Electrical Power Systems, June 1986, Springer-Verlag. 3. M. Resengaus and J. Sanchez-Sesma. Effects of Gilbert Hurrican in Yucatan Peninsula. Hydraulic Engineer in Mexico, November 1988.
DisciplineAtmospheric Sciences
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