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Expert NameMrs. María Virginia Cervantes Gutiérrez
TitleResearcher - Laboratory of Ecology
DivisionFaculty of Science
InstitutionUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
CityMexico DF
Telephone52 5 6224835
Work Experience- Researcher at the program "Integral Utilization of Natural Resources (UNAM/PNUMA) - Coordinator in the Research Area on Environmental Restoration at the Gurrero Mountain Region, Mexico. PAIR/UNAM, 1994-1997 - Responsible for a number projects in the State of Guerrero with Rural Communities, and productivity programs in semiarid areas in the same region. - Professor at the Biology Department. Faculty of Science, UNAM - Coordinator in the Research area for Environmental Restoration at the Mountain Region in the State of Guerrero. UNAM/PAIR 1994-1997
QualificationsB. Sc. in Biology, Faculty of Science, National Autonomous University of Mexico M. Sc. in Biology, Faculty of Science, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Number of Publications5
Awards- National Ecology Award for the project "Utilization and Management of Natural Renewable Resources in Guerrero Mountain Region, Secretaria de Desarollo Urbano y Ecologia SEDUE, Mexico
Other Activities- General Coordinator for PAIR/UNAM project 1996-1997 - Responsible for the Project Environmental Restoration with native species for the sustainble use of Forest Resources. FMCN/Ecology Faculty of Science, UNAM 1997 - Responsible for a number of projects - Diagnosis of Forestry Resources at the Guerrero Mountain Region, PRODERS/SEMARNAP/PAIR/UNAM
Publications1. Cervantes, V., V. Arriaga and J. Carabias. 1996. The Socioenvironmental and Institutional Problem of Reforestation in the Mountain Region, Guerrero, Mexico. Botanical Society of Mexico Bulletin, 59:67-87. 2. Cervantes, V. and Hernandez, Y. Forestry Resources Problem in the Guerrero Mountain Region: a historical perspective and their alternatives (in revision). 3. Vasquez-Yanes, C. and V. Cervantes. 1993. Strategies for the Reforestation with Natives of Mexico Trees. Science and Development. CONACYT. Vol. XIX, No. 113:52-58. 4. Arriaga, V., V. Cervantes and A. Vargas-Mena. 1995. Manual of Reforestation with Native Species: collection and preservation of seeds. Propagation and Management of Plants. SEDESOL/INE/UNAM. Faculty of Science. Mexico, D.F. 5. Vasquez-Yanes, C., A. Orozco-Segovia, E. Sanchez-Coronado, M. Rojas and V. Cervantes. Conservation and Propagation of Tropical Trees. Found of Economic Culture. 130 pp. (in press).
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/07/2011 17:12:00

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