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Expert NameDr. Pierre Foulani
TitlePrime Minister Scientific and Universitary Adviser
InstitutionCabinet of the Prime Minister
Telephone227 227 723576
Work Experience27 years of administrative experience. 40 years of teaching experience (primary, secondary, higher levels). 33 years of research experience. Main area of activity: education, research and environment. Field of expertise: consultancy; elaboration and implementaiton of projects; advises on education, science technology; management and administration of universities; assessment and planning of higher education and research; individual or gang expertise.
QualificationsDoctorat d'Etat es Sciences Physiques, Bordeaux University, France, 1970.
Number of Publications26
Awards1. Holder of a UNESCO silver medal (1987). 2. Chevalier of the Niger order of Merit (1989). 3. Officier of the Niger order of Merrit (1995).
Other Activities1. Consultant/Commonwealth higher education management service. London, since 1994. 2. Member of the Federation of African consultants (reference: FECA - 25.9-94) Abidjan, since 1994. 3. Individual consultant African development bank group, ref. SI/22807/NER, Abidjan, since 1994. 4. Member of the executive board of panafrican union of science and technology, Brazzaville, since 1987. 5. Elected corresponding member of the world Federation of scientific workers - Paris (since 1977).
Publications1. "Analyses multiélémentaires semi-quantitatives par fluorescence X des aérosols, sols et principaux aliments du Niger", A. Ben Mohamed, J.P. Frangi, J. Fontan, A. Druilhet et P. Foulani. Annales Université de Niamey, Tome IV, p. 37-52, 1991. 2. "Improving the effectiveness of the University of Niamey, Niger: Change from bloc system to credit system", IIEP/RP/49.6, UNESCO, 1992 (P. Foulani). 3. "Human Resources Development in the UNESCO Fields of Competence, especially in Science and Technology in Africa", STY 96;SHS/92/WS2, 1990 (P. Foulani). 4. "Optimisation de l'Installation de désinsectisation par irradiation des Mils, Sorghos et Niebes…" (P. Foulani). Radiation preservation of foods, IAEA, SM-166/34, p.563-575, 1973. 5. "Analyse conformationnelle de dérives cyclaniques par diffusion Raleigh depolarisée", P. Foulani et C. Clément, Bull. Soc. Chim., N° 10, 1971, p. 3444-3449.
Last updated28/07/2011 11:34:00

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