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Expert NameMr. Joshua D. Kwari
TitleSenior Lecturer
DivisionDepartment of Soil Science
InstitutionUniversity of Maiduguri
Telephone234 76 233 050
Work Experience- I have participated in executing technical studies in soil fertility management since 1987. Four of them were executed in the Sudan/Sahel Zone of N.E. Nigeria. They involved soil characterization and fertility assessment in laboratory and in farmers' fields involving multi-location, on farm trials on crop response to manure to formulate sustainable farming practices. While on a 7 month course on development oriented research in agriculture in Holland 1993, I have acquired practical experience in multi-disciplinary studies on analysis of farming systems as I worked in Ghana for 3 months. - During a 2 months course in Israel (1996-1997), I have acquired experience in specific aspects of desert management including water harvesting, proactive planning against drought and use of fast legumes in agroforestry.
QualificationsB.Sc. Agriculture (Soil Science) First Class, University of Maiduguri, 1982 Ph.D. Soil Chemistry, Fertility and Management, University of Aberdeen, 1987
Number of Publications13
Other Activities1. Soil characterisation and field trials of N-source fertilizers and NPK calibration studies in North-east Nigeria, 1989-1991 2. Soil survey and land capability studies/Agricultural survey of Jere Bowl Irrigation Project, April 1992 3. Integrated soil fertility/plant nutrition studies in rainfed farming in Arid Zone Development Programme (NEAZDP) Area, 1992-93 4. Analysis of farming system of Wa and Nadowh Districts of upper region of Ghana, 1993 5. Soil survey and fertility baseline data collection for Benesheik/Ngumari NALD farm site (Borno State), 1996 6. Studies on the Desert Agrobiology of the Negev, Israel
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated10/05/2007 10:18:00

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