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Expert NameProf. Enoch E. Okpara
TitleDean, College of Engineering and Environmental Sciences
DivisionSchool of Environmental Sciences
InstitutionImo State University
CityOwerri, Nigeria
Telephone234 83 231 391
Work Experience- Led a team of NGO workers to survey the effectiveness of the Drought and Desertification Control Units in some northern states of Nigeria. - Participated actively in the negotiating process of the CCD as an NGO representative and lobbyist Coordinated for four years an IDRC-sponsored project on policy analysis and evaluation of anti-desertification initiatives in Nigeria - Currently initiating efforts to document traditional knowledge systems as well as alternative livelihoods for combating desertification in Nigeria
QualificationsB.A. (Hons) Geography, Ibadan, 1996 M.A. Geography, York, Toronto, 1977 D. Phil Geography: University of Sussex, United Kingdom D. Phil Geography, Sussex, UK, 1981
Number of Publications49
Awards1. Federal Government Scholar U.I. (1965-1966) 2. Federal Government Bursary Award, University of Sussex (1978-1981)
Other Activities1. Member of Nigerian Geographical Association 2. Board member, Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NST), Ibadan and also Desertification Project Leader at NEST 3. Member, Nigerian Field Society 4. Served as Consultant to Imo State Environmental Protection Agency (ISEPA) and to FEPA on producing a Public Environmental Awareness Master Plan 5. Also served as Resource Person/Facilitator in many national and international workshops
Last updated19/07/2006 11:59:00

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