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Expert NameMr. Abdullahi Bala Alhassan
DivisionSoil Science Department
InstitutionUniversity of Maiduguri
Work ExperienceI have been involved in research on soil and water management problems and related (themes) field with particular emphasize on the effects of tillage and crop residue on water use of millet in semiarid northeast nigeria for over 5 years. Landshaping for soil mosture conservation and its effects on yield and water use of sorghum, millet and guna melon< effects of soil compaction and organic matter incorporation on water transmission properties of different soil types in northeast Nigeria. I have also been involved in carrying out survey and classification of soils in northern Nigeria with particular reference to those of the cases in north east nigeria/southern niger, Hydrological studies in the oasis of the manga grasslands, involving modelling groundwater flow in and around the oasis as a tool so assessing sustainability of the farming systems in the oases. In addition, cropping system surveys in the oasis and various water management options in the oasis are all areas where I have be
QualificationsB.Sc. Agriculture, University of Maiduguri, 1987 M.Sc. Soil and Water Management, University of Maiduguri, 1991 Ph.d. Water Management, Cranfield University, 1996
Number of Publications10
AwardsEU funded CAZS/Silsoe college linkage fellowship award (1992-95)
Other Activities
Publications1. Folorunso, O.A., OHU, J.O. and Alhassan, A.B. 1990: Spatial variability of soilwater retention properties of a semi-arid entisol of North-Eastern Nigeria. Nig Journal of soil science vol.8> 1-22 2. Babe, B. And Alhassan, A.B. 1991. Effects of Pearl millet in a semi and envt. 3. Alhassan, A.B., Kundiri, A.M. and Folorunso, O.A. 1998. Water use efficiency of millet as influenced diff. Tillage and residue mgt… in north east Nigeria. J Arid Agric 8. 45-51 4. Carter, R.C. and Alhassan, A.B. 1998 Groundwater, soils and devt in the cases of the Manga Grasslands, North east Nigeria. In. Hydrology in a changing envt. British Hydrol. Soc. Vol II: 205- 5. NWAKA, G.I.C; Kundiri, A.M and Alhassan, A.B. 1999. A study of soils derived from Basalt in northeastern Nigeria I: Mophology, classification and distribution. J. Arid Agric. 9:77-88 2. Bababe, B. Chiroma, A.M., Alhassan, A.B. 1994 3. Bababe, B. and Alhassan, A.B. 1992
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:20:00

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