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Expert NameMr. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan
TitleResearch Fellow/Lecturer
DivisionCentre for Arid Zone Studies
InstitutionUniversity of Maiduguri
Work Experience- Major project experience: Contouring project using theodolite and level for the Postgraduate diploma in Land Surveying. In addition, I served a three months - internship experience with Borno State Land and Survey Department in 1990. - I undertook a split Ph.D. programme in Remote Sensing. Consequently, after a year of literature review and image processing session, I returned to Nigeria from England to undertake one year of ground data collection. Similarly, while in the UK, I took part in the ground data collection for the monitoring of Agriculture with Remote Sensing MARS project for Europe in Silsoe College. - Currently I am taking part in a project that focuses on survey of forest resources and land degradation in North East Nigeria.
QualificationsB.Sc., Geography, Honours, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria, 1984 P.G., Diploma, Land Surveying, A.B.U. Zaria, Nigeria, 1990 M.Sc., Remote Sensing, Cranfield University, UK, 1996
Number of Publications7
Other Activities- Member, Nigerian Geographical Association - Member, Nigerian Society of Remote Sensing - Member, Remote Sensing Society, UK
Publications1. Lawan, A.I., The investigation of SPOT multispectral data for land use and land cover mapping in a semi-arid area of Yobe State. Proceedings of the NISORS Conference, Kaduna, 1993 2. Lawan, A.I., Bird, A.C., Pratt, N.D., Abdalla, J.D., Resource Mapping and information systems at the Centre for Arid Zone Studies in the University of Maiduguri. Proceedings of First International Conference on Research for Development in the Arid Zone of Nigeria, Maiduguri, 1994 3. Lawan, A.I., Bird, A.C., Pratt, N.D., GIS Technology Transfer: A Case Study in North East Nigeria. Proceedings of 6th European GIS (EGIS) Conference, The Netherlands, 1995 4. Lawan, A.I., The Application of high resolution satellite data for land use ad land cover mapping, inventory and monitoring in North East Nigeria, (Ph.D. Thesis), Cranfield University, Silsoe Campus, 1996 5. Kardoulas, N.G., Bird, A.C. and Lawan, A.I., 1996. Geometric correction of SPOT and Landsat Imagery: a comparison of map and GPS defined c
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:18:00

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