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Expert NameMr. Abdul-Ganiyu Ambali
TitleAssociate Professor/Reader
DivisionFaculty of Veterinary Medicine
InstitutionUniversity of Maiduguri
Work Experience- Member of research team; Survey of blood and GIT parasites of ruminants in EAZDP areas in Yobe state. NEAZDP sponsored project - Coordinator (Northern zone) - Newcastle disease vaccine and vaccination in Nigeria. NARP sponsored project - Member of research team - Production of thermostable Newcastle disease vaccine and IBD vaccines for poultry in Nigeria. NARP sponsored project - Member of research team; Survey of medicinal plants with antihelmintic properties in North Eastern part of Nigeria. NARP sponsored project. - Member of the team on management of rangeland in the arid zone of Nigeria. Federal Environmental Protection Agency of Nigeria funded research project - Member of team on Studies on Dermatophilosis in the arid zone of Nigeria. University of Maiduguri funded research project
QualificationsDoctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), University of Liverpool, UK Master of Vet. Science (MVSc), University of Liverpool, UK Doctor of Vet. Medicine (DVM), A.B.U., Zaria, Nigeria
Number of Publications28
Awards1. National Merit Award, Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos, Nigeria, 1980-81 2. Faculty Nominee, Annual Merit Award, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria, 1995 3. Vice-President, Nigerian Veterinary Medical association, Borno State Branch, 1992 4. Patro
Other ActivitiesMember, Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association Member, Nigerian Society for Animal Production Member, the New York Academy of Sciences Member, American Society for the Advancement of Science
Publications1. Aliyu, M.M., Ambali, A.G., Bashir, A.M. and Abubakar, A., (in press): Comparative HI antibody response of chickens vaccinated with NDV-Lasota and NDV-V4 Vaccines under arid zone environment. Annals of Borno, 11 2. Amabli, A.G., Baba, S.S., Yaduma, A.F. and Akoma, M.B., 1995: Detection of rinderpest virus antibody in slaughter camels (Camelus dromedarius) imported to Nigeria using agar gel immuno-diffusion and complement fixation tests. West African Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 86-89 3. Ambali, A.G. and Umar, U.I., 1996: Studies on ectoparasites of grey breasted helmet guinea fowls kept on free range of semi-arid zone of Nigeria. West African Journal of Biological Sciences 4: 150-158 4. Baba, S.S., Ambali, A.G., Zaria, L.T. and Kalra, D.S., 1994: Abattoir records of slaughtered camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Yobe State, Nigeria, 1986-1991. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production, 42: 253-257 5. Ambali, A.G. (in press): An epizootiological study of IBD in an arid zone
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated10/05/2007 10:20:00

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