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Expert NameMr. C.A. Negbenebor
TitleSenior Lecturer
DivisionDept. of Food Science & Technology
InstitutionUniversity of Maiduguri
Work Experience- It was observed that some people who go out to clean the poultry offal tanks on hot summer weekend collapsed and died. We set up a model to stimulate the conditions and investigate the possible causes. We reported that high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia led to untimely death and recommended sufficient ventilation time before people can enter such tanks. - We also constructed simple smoking kilns and solar driers to reduce dependence on fuel wood which leads to desertification in the arid zone and pollution of the environment
QualificationsB.Sc., Microbiology, University of Benin, 1978 M.Sc., Food Science and Technology, Miss. State University, USA, 1983 Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, Miss. State University, USA, 1986
Number of Publications25
Other Activities- Member, Institute of Food Technology, USA - Member, Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology - Member, Poultry Science Association, USA - Member, Nigeria Institute of Food Science and Technology (North-East Chapter)
Publications1. Negbenebor, C.A. and Igene, A.O., 1993: A manual of fish and meat smoking. Prepared NIFST (North East Chapter) for Borno ADP. ED. JO. Igene 2. Negbenebor, C.A. and Akinbolu, A.M., 1993: Manual on first juice production. Prepared NIFST N.E. Chapter for Borno ADP ED. JO. Igene 3. Negbenebor, C.A. and Igene, A.O., 1994: Application of Biotechnological research findings for food self-sufficiency. J.Sci. Technol. Res (in press) 4. Nkama, I., Badau, M.H., Collision, E.K., Main, W., Igene, J.O. and Negbenebor, C.A. 1994: Micro flora of some dried spices and condiments in Maiduguri. Indian J. Food Sci. and Tech. (in press) 5. Negbenebor, C.A., Balami, Y. and Igene, J.O. 1994: Yield and storage stability of patties from pre-rigor beef previously dipped in potassium sorbate and ginger solutions. Int. J. Food Sci. & Tech. (in press)
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated10/05/2007 10:18:00

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