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Expert Name Obiwe Osse
TitleDeputy Director
DivisionHydrology and Hydrogeology, Department River Bain operations
CityGarki, Abuja
Telephone00234 8139404552
Work ExperienceOver 20 years’ experience in - Hydrology, water resources development and management, - Environmental engineering and management, hydrogeology and engineering Geology - Application of satellite data to environment, vegetation, water bodies, crop and livestock, - Review and evaluation of projects (contracts award and bids documents), - Sediment yield and River flow measurement, - River flow studies and floodplain investigations and mapping; - Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency preparedness and Response. - Proficiency in Computer software application and interpretation in hydrology, hydrogeology and environment:
QualificationsMSc Water Resources and Environmental Engineering 2007; BSc (Honours) (Geohydrology), Feb 1999 - Dec 1999; BSc (Honours) Hydrology and Water Resources Management Sept 1985 - Sept 1989
Number of Publications
Awards1. JICA Award, 2013 2. WMO Award, 2006 3. German Technical Awards (CarlsDuiseberg, CDG), 1999 4. JICA Award, 2012 5. UNESCO Scholarship Awards, 2002
Other Activities1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Emergency preparedness and response using Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS) software; 2. River flow and floodplain investigation, EU-NBA Integrated Water Resources Management for the Monitoring of flood and drought phenomena; Floodplain investigations studies, development of rating curves for early warning and flood forecasting. 3. Investigation of groundwater resources potential of Akwa-Ibom and Cross River States Communities to ascertain the level of aquifer response to rainfall and risk of over-abstraction of groundwater reservoir; 4 . Development of Water Resources and Preservation of Fragile Ecosystems of the Lower Niger Basin 5. Assessment of water quality and pollution sources of the rivers and associated capacity Building. 6. Reviewed and Evaluated Contracts awards and bids documents for Water and Sanitation projects, surface water resources assessment 7. Prepared and defended Annual Budget proposals, 1. Registered member, Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences (NAHS). 2. Member, Secretariat of Nigerian National Committee for UNESCO-IHP. 3. Registered Member, Nigerian Association of Hydrogeologists (NAH) 4. Registered Member, African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) 5. Registered Member, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH); Application of Satellite data (AMESD) to vegetation, water resources and environment; Nigeria, Togo, South Africa; - Groundwater exploration and drilling; - Water resources development and management; - Water Supply and Sanitation schemes and ancillary projects;
Publications1. Osse, F. O (2011) Investigation of Flow Characteristics of Niger–Benue Basin using Acoustics Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) Techniques (Paper presented at the Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences (NAHS) Annual Conference on Hydrology for Sustainable Development held at Top View Hotels, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, FCT), 18-21 October, 2011. 2. Osse, F. O (2006) Improving Meteorological and Hydrological Flood Forecasting in Nigeria (Paper presented at the WMO/NBA Workshop for Improving Meteorological and Hydrological Flood Forecasting in West and Central Africa , Niamey, Niger republic) 3. Osse, F. O (2002) Impact of Dams on Navigation in Lower River Niger Basin ( presented at UNIDO) and National Inland Waterways Authority’s joint Workshop on “Strategies for the Management of Sediment and Pollution in the National Inland Waterways” held at the Confluence Beach Hotels, Lokoja, Kogi State. 4. Osse, F. O (2001) Mathematical Modeling of Depth to Seawater Intrusion Interface using Ghyben–Herzberg model
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