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Expert NameMr. Mohammad Shabbir Baig
TitleDeputy Director
DivisionBusiness Development
InstitutionSoil Survey of Pakistan
Telephone92 42 7831028
Work Experience1. Designed and supervised soil/ecological surveys of many regions of Pakistan. Since 1964 to date. 2. Worked as principal investigator in SSP-PARC-PFI. Coordinated research project on agro-ecological zoning of Pakistan and made numerous modules on sustainable natural resource development/management planning. 3. Worked as national team leader and co-editor in the prepartion of environmental profile of Balochistan under Govt. of Netherland-ITC project. 4. Worked as environmentalist in Mansehra village support project for IFRD Rome. 5. Worked as ecologist in Cholestan Dev. Proj. for FAO Rome. 6. Worked as consultant on many national projects including watershed management and rangeland management.
QualificationsM.Sc. in Rural Surveys, ITC, Holland, 1977. B.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics, Govt. College, Lahore, 1960.
Number of Publications60
AwardsWinner of NCS-IUCN award on making a project on participatory rangeland management in Balochistan.
Other Activities1. Member Soil Science Society of Pakistan. 2. External Examiner of Environmental Ecology of the University of Penjab. 3. Short-term consultancy with National and International Organizations (Nespak, Paidar, CIMAD Nepal, FAO, IFAD Rome). Currently heading the recently started business development unit in the Soil Survey of Pakistan.
Publications1. Co-Editor (1992) Environmental Profile of Balochisten, Pakistan. Larus-ITC, Enchede, Netherlands and EU-SSP, Ecology Unit-Soil Survey of Pakistan, Lahore. 2. Principal Investigator (1985 and 1986). 10 Crops Production Potential in Potwar Parc - Islamabad. Principal Investigator, Agro-Ecological Zone Project. 3. Co-author (1994): Utilization of Salt-Affected and Waterlogged Soils of Punjab Through Natural Vegetation, Tech. Report Dept. of Bot., UOP Lahore, SSP, Lahore, IWASRI, Lahore. 4. Co-author "National Action Programme on Combating Desertifiction in Pakistan", UNEP-PARC/MINFAL, GOP-ESCAP, 1994. 5. Co-author: "The Sands of Thal: Wind Regimes and Sand Ridge Formations. J.. Geomorph. M.F. Stuttgart, pp. 272-290, Berlin.
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