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Expert NameMr. Khalid Mahmood Siddiqui
InstitutionPakistan Forest Institute
Telephone92 521 40580
Work ExperienceProject Director for the following projects; responsible for planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of research, training and extension. 1. Forestry Planning and Development Project to Organize, Establish and Expand Energy Plantations on Private Lands in Pakistan. Total Budget US $ 35 millions, 1986 to 1995. 2. Development of Training and Research Facilities in Forest Products Engineering and Logging at Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar, Total Budget US $ 3 millions, 1981 to 1990.
QualificationsPh.D. Forestry, State University of New York, USA, 1972.
Number of Publications89
Awards- Gold Medalist - Vice President, Council of Pakistan Foresters - Editor, Pakistan Journal of Forestry - Member, Steering Committee USAID Forestry/Fuelwood Research and Development Project (F/FRED), Bangkok, Thailand, 1986-90. - Member, Society of Am
Other Activities1. Extensive experience in operation and management of development projects relating to: - Forestry, bio-diversity and ecosystem development. - Forestry and forest products research and training/education. - Agro-forestry, participatory forestry, rural appraisal, income generation/Poverty alleviation projects. 2. Advice and consultancy to many forestry projects in and outside Pakistan. 3. Coordination of multidisciplinary research and field operation scientific monitoring and practical implementation. 4. Preparation of policies and strategic plans, projects and liaison at government and non-government levels. 5. Countries visited: USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Nepal, China, Yugoslavia, for attending meetings, symposia, workshops, seminars, study visits, etc. on forestry and related subjects.
Publications1. K.M. Siddiqui, 1996. General Silviculture, 364 pages, Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar. 2. K.M. Siddiqui and two others, 1996. Properties and uses of Pakistan Timbers, 115 pages, Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar. 3. K.M. Siddiqui and two others, 1996. Woodfuel in Pakistan, 133 pages, Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar. 4. K.M. Siddiqui, 1997. Forestry and Environment, 200 pages, Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar. 5. K.M. Siddiqui, 1995. Status of Populus euphratica in Pakistan, 26 pages, Pakistan Forest Institute, Peshawar.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:25:00

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