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Expert NameMr. Zahid Ali Qureshi
TitleSenior Scientific Officer
DivisionWater Harvesting Research
InstitutionArid Zone Research Institute
Telephone92 81 841006/840913
Work ExperienceProject Experience: I independently had operated a project funded by the Board of Science and Technology, working under National Scientific Research Washington, USA. As a principal investigator I was responsible to design activities, appoint the necessary personals, execute the project, and publish the results. This project was initiated in April 1992 and completed on May 31, 1994. This project was funded for the development and management of small scale watersheds in the mountain areas of Balochistan. Although the duration of the project was short but wtill we could get encouraging results. Routine Official Experience: I have been working in cold and dry mountain areas for more than ten years. During this period most of my activities were field oriented. Some of the major activities I was involved in were: 1. Watershed management and water harvesting system design and its evaluation. 2. Computer based simulation modeling for the climatic conditions of Balochistan. 3.
QualificationsB.Sc. Agric. Engineering, University of Agri., Faisalabad, Pakistan, 1984. M.S. Agric. & Irrigation Engg., Utah State University, Logan, USA, 1991.
Number of Publications12
Awards1. I won merit scholarships during middle school, secondary school, higher secondary school, BS of engineering, and MS in Agric. and Irrigation Engineering. 2. I also got an honorarium from BOSTID project for successfully running the project. 3. I ha
Other Activities1. Member of Pakistan Engineering Council. 2. Membership of American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 3. I am not only involved in research work but also visit farming community to convince them to utilize the beneficial outcomes of the research work.
Publications1. Rees, D., Zahid, A.Q. (1990). Catchment Basin Water Harvesting as a Means of Improving the Productivity of Rain-fed Land in Upland Balochistan. Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge, London, 1991, vol. 116, pp. 95-103. 2. Rees, D., Zahid, A.Q. (1991). Rain-fed crop production system of Upland Balochistan: Wheat (Triticum Aestivum), Barley (Hardeum Volgare) and Forage Legumes (Vicia Species). Experimental Agriculture 1991, vol. 27, pp. 53-69. 3. Rees, D., Zahid, A.Q. (1989). Water harvesting and nitrogen fertilizer application as a means of increasing crop water use efficiency in suboptimal conditions in Upland Balochistan. Proceedings of the International Workshop Ankara, Turkey, 15-19 May 1989. 4. Qureshi, Z.A. and L.S. Willardson (1993). Reducing rist of crop failure by using micro-catchment water harvesting in arid areas. ICID, 1993, Vol. 43, N°1. 5. Qureshi, Z.A. and D. Rees, (1988). Improvement in water use efficiency in Barani arable agriculture in Baloch
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:25:00

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