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Expert NameMr. Jose Raul Davelouis Mc. Evoy
InstitutionCentro Latinoamericano de Bienestar Urbano Ambiental
Telephone51 01 436 98 33
Work Experience1. International Consultant (FAO) in crop management systems in arid lands and humid tropics including Peru. 2. Director of Latin-American, ONG, a non-profit organization that has programs on ecosystem conservation, agricultural development, tourism, health and native values. 3. Visiting professor of the National Agrarian University, La Molina, Lima, Peru.
Qualifications1. Bachelor in Agronomy, National Agrarian University, La Molina, Lima, Perú, 1963. 2. Engineer of Agronomy, National Agrarian University, La Molina, Lima, Perú, 1965. 3. M.Sc. Soil Science, National Agrarian University, La Molina, Lima, Perú, 1973. 4. Doctor of Physiology in Soil Science, Plant Physiology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, N.C. State, USA, 1990.
Number of Publications45
Awards1. Award, "Esteban Campodonico Figallo Prize", 1995, from Clover New York, USA Foundation and the University of Piura, Peru. 2. Agency for International Development, Certificate of recognition from the government of USA along with other governments.
Other Activities1. Tropical agriculture in the Amazon jungle, 1962, Faculty of Agriculture, National Agrarian University, La Molina, Lima, Peru. A research on the technology transfer to the Amazon farmers in the experimental stations Tingo, Maria, upper Amazon jungle and Pucallpa, lower Amazon jungle, Peru. January - August, 1962. 2. Corn management in the coast, higlands and the Amazon jungle of Peru. Cooperative Program on Investigations of Maiz - National Agrarian University (UNALM), La Molina, Lima Peru, 1959-1962, as a student then 1964-1995 as an Agricultural Engineer. I published several articles in the scientific magazine "Anales Cientificos" of UNALM. 3. Research on the peruvian rock phosphate from Bayovar in different crops such as potatoes, corn, pastures and others in the coast, highlands (arid lands) and the jungle. A joint project of UNALM, Minero Peru and the Ministry of Agriculture, 1974-1977. 4. International Tropical Resaerch, with emphasis in agriculture in the peruvian A
Publications1. Davelouis-Mc Evoy, J.R., W. Ccalluco and G. Sanabria. Drip / Irrigation / Chemigation in a sandy soil of Peru, p. 66. 27th National Agricultural Plastics congress. American Society for Plasticulture. Tucson, Arizona, 18-21, 1998. 2. Davelouis-Mc Evoy, J.R., 1996. Plant hormone balance: New concepts. El Agro, Revista del Capitulo de Ingenieria Agronomica y Zootechnia del Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru, 4:21-23. 3. Davelouis-Mc Evoy, J.R., E. Sairitupa and V. Noriega. 1996. Nutrients and hormones spraying in corn PM-213 for silage in Chancy Valley, Lima Peru. 12p. Fifth Peruvian Soil Science National congress. The Soil: Environment Impact and Sustainable Agriculture. 4. Sanchez Espinoza, J. and Davelouis-Mc Evoy, J.R. 1996. Nitro-phosphates with Peruvian Rock phosphate from Bayovar, in absorption, recovery and sorghum yield in the coast, highland and Amazon jungle soils, in greenhouse. National Agrarian University, La Molina, Lima, Peru. 21 p. Fifth Peruvian Soil Sci
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated28/07/2011 11:41:00

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