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Expert NameMr. Cesar Augusto Barriga Ruiz
TitleForest Eng/Professor/Counsellor
InstitutionUniversidad de Lima
Telephone51 01 3460965
Work Experience1. Professor, Agrarian University La Molina and University of Lima. 2. Director, Research Station in Arid Lands, Ministry of Agriculture 3. Supervisor and Coordinator of Forest Project. 4. Counsellor of Afforestation and Forest Management.
Qualifications1. Forest Engineer, Afforestation specialist
Number of Publications5
Other Activities1. Counsellor in Business in Product and Export of Forest Products (Medicinal Plants, Tannin, Natural Gum, Jojoba and other products) 2. Counsellor for studies on environmental impact. 3. Counsellor for rural development project.
Publications1. Revision and analysis of the National Bibliography of Prosopis Generus, CONCYTEC, 1988. 2. Some experiences in the Management of the Drylands Forest (Proposis Forest), Agrarian University, La Molina, 1993. 3. Management of Forest and Pasture in the North Coast. Agrarian University, La Molina, project TTA, 1993. 4. Management of Prosopis Forest in Mancora, Tumbes, 1994. 5. Some experiences in the Cultivation of Jojoba in Peru, 1995.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 11:40:00

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