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Expert NameProf. Juan Augusto Palao Iturregui
TitleRegional Director
DivisionNational Defense
InstitutionConsejo Andino de Manejo Ecológico
Telephone00 511 997533329
Emailjapalao(at); japalao(at)
Work Experience1. Regional Director of National Defense in Regional Government (Moquegua, Tacna, Puno) since 1998. Main aim: Early warning systems to prevent natural, technological and socio-economic dangers and disasters. 2. Member of the technical team on the sociopedagogic area (1988-95) then Executive Coordinator (1995-1998), Andean Council for Ecological Management (CAME), Puno. Develops and implements an Inter-institutional network program for the improvement of the use and management of water, land and environment. 3. Facilitator of processes of strategic planning and institutional development in Peru and Bolivia. 4. Leader and member for project evaluation on rural development projects. Use and Management of Natural Resources Management - water, land and environment). 5. Responsible, Regional Focal Point of the International NGO Network (RIOD) for the fight against desertification, 1994-95. Participated through the NGLS System in: The elaboration of the World Convention fo
Qualifications1. Major Degree in Education, Minor in Chemistry and Biology, 1969, Puno, Peru. 2. Degree in Teaching English Overseas, University of Leeds, School of Education, Leeds, England, 1978-79. 3. Educational Technology, General Office of Higher Education (ESEP), Lima, 1975.
Number of Publications6
Awards1. Nominated to give final words on behalf of the group in the 5th International course on Desertification and Sustainable Development, Chile, November, 1997.
Other Activities1. Member, professional roster of the Population Council in Peru. 2. Member, Professional roster for EARTHACTION, USA. 3. Member, professional roster who have obtained a scholarship in the British Council, Leeds, University, Yorkshire. 4. Member, International NGO Network for the fight against desertification and drought. 5. Member, Directing Committee, Ecological Forum in Peru.
Publications1. Manual to facilitate the elaboration of Development plans in local areas. 2. Manual to facilitate the production of information in systematization. 3. Manual to facilitate Participatory Technology Development. 4. Manual to facilitate project elaboration. 5. Manual to elaborate indicators for monitoring and evaluation of projects in general and the water shade management in particular.
DisciplineEnvironmental Sciences
Last updated30/09/2014 11:43:00

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