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Expert NameMr. Dimas Apaza Idme
DivisionInvestigation and projects
InstitutionCentro Guamán Poma de Avala
Telephone51 084 235931- 238202
Work Experience1. Drinking water project in the Northeast zone of the city of Cusco to the benefit of its 27,000 inhabitants 2. Project of underground waters caption by means of galeria filtering, Cusco. 3. Diagnostic of natural resources of the districts of San Jéronimo, Saylla, Oropesa and Lucre, Valley of Cusco. 4. Prevention and mitigation on natural disasters risk zone, Northeast of Cusco. 5. Treatment and stabilization of the deslizamiento El Bosque - Basin Sacramayo - Cusco. 6. Alternative of caption for the drinkable water supply of the city of Cusco. Water company, SEDACUSCO-PRONAP. 7. Diagnostic of the Ecosystem of the lake Pampamarca - Basin Jabonmayo - Yanaoca Institute of water and environmental management - IMA-Cusco 8. Plan the prevention and mitigation basin Aguas Calientes - Machupiccu, Diagnostic and projects. Actividades:- - (1985) I began as a becary of the PETROPERU-FELL, northwest operations in the geology of oil. - (1988) I worked for the rural devel
QualificationsGeological Engineer - UNSAAC (Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad Cusco), 1980-1986. Major, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Spain.
Number of Publications8
Awards- National Consultant
Other Activities- Member, NET (RED) Social studies of disasters prevention in Latin America. - Member, Engineers Association of Peru. - Associate Founder of the Consultation TOA. - Member, Natural Resources Group of CONCIDE, Cusco. - Associate Founder, HIDROANDES
Publications1. Eng. Dimas Apaza 1990 "Hydrogeological Evaluation of the Cusco basin" Libro, UNSAAC. Cusco. 2. Centro Guamán Poma, 1993 "The challenge of Agro-Urban Development. The case of San Jerónimo" book, Tarea Edition - Lima. 3. Centro Guamán Poma de Ayala, 1991 "Integral Participative Diagnostic of the Northeast zone of Cusco" Book, Tarea Edition - Lima. 4. Centro Guamán Poma de Ayala, 1996 "Diagnostic of the natural resources of the valley of Cusco" Investigation. 5. Eng. Dimas Apaza Idme 1992 - 1996. Water and environment articles in the magazine "Parlante"
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 11:40:00

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