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Expert NameMr. Prospero Aurelio Yance Tueros
DivisionReforestation Division
Telephone51 1 349 12 65
Work Experience- Chief of the Reforestation Division, PRONAMACHCS: advice, monitor and supervision of the reforestation project that are executed, with support of the international technical cooperation, like Holland, AID, Fund Countervalue Peru, WFP, Switzerland, EU, World Bank etc. - Natural Forest Specialist - FAO/Netherlands Project: to qualify, to advise and to supervise the specialists and technicians of the project, and to carry out the monitoring and evaluation of the execution of the project, based on the sustainable use of the forest resources, in 430 rural organisations. - Coordinator Ayacucho Headquarters - FAO/Netherlands Project: My work consisted on the conduction of the Project, in charge of leading the work of a multidisciplinary team in the planning, execution, training, monitoring, evaluation and supervision at level of the Department of Ayacucho. - Training and Forest Investigation Director - CENFOR IV Lima - Investigation of Wild Life Director - INFOR: Responsible to delineat
QualificationsBachelor of Forest Sciences, Agrarian National University "La Molina", 1983
Number of Publications15
Awards1. Congratulation of the Executive Directorate of PRONAMACHCS, for my participation in the formulation of the Sierra Management of Natural Resources ad Poverty Alleviation - stage I and II. 2. Congratulation of the Professor Engineer MSc. Carlos Lierena
Other Activities1. Member of the Forest Engineers Association; 2. Member of the National Coordination Committee of the Intensive Management of Microcatchment - PRONAMACHCS; 3. Member of the Technical Team of Formulation of projects of PRONAMACHCS; 4. Representative of PRONAMACHCS in several events, as exhibitor and participant;
Publications1. Yance, P., 1985: Advances of the Investigation in Restoration of the vegetation, with woody species. Document presented to the consultation of FAO experts in Forestry of Arid Area, Saltillo, Mexico; 2. Yance, P., 1986: Aspects of the ecology and long term demographic trends of the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) from Royal Virginia, USA; 3. Yance, P., Methodology of Monitoring and Evaluation of rural organisations that have participated in the Communal Forest Plan, in the Andean region of the Peru, Lima; 4. Yance, P., 1995: Peasant Forest Development in Andean Microcatchmentes of Peru 'Forests and Development' Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 13, Quito, Ecuador; 5. Yance, P., 1997: Environmental Inheritance for the future. Official newspaper 'El Peruano' July, Lima, Peru
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 11:44:00

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