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Expert NameMr. Grimaldo Rengifo Vasquez
DivisionAndean Project of Peasant Technologies
InstitutionProyecto Andino de Tecnologias Campesinas
Telephone51 1 261 2825
Work Experience1. Director and Coordinator, PRATEC, (1987 to date): 2. Planning of Natural Resources Management Project. MAG/GTZ. Coronel Oviedo Cooperative, Paraguay, (1992); 3. UNEP/Pilot Project of Abdean Ecosystems Cajamarca: Advisor (1988-1990); 4. Consultant, Acuerdo de Cartagena (1985) 5. Consultant, FAO (1982) Summary: - Coordination and monitory of biodiversity programs (conservation 'in situ') of plants cultivated in 8 different zones of Peru; - Training of university professors and technicians of development programs (sustainable) in Andean agriculture; - Co-production of a theoretical approach to Andean culture from the agriculture; - Advise in systemization of natural resources project in Coronel Oviedo province; - Study and research on peasant agriculture and natural resources management; - Training of local technicians in natural resources planning - Advise and participate in studies on productive systems in the project's area - Support in the execution of events regardi
Qualifications- Universidad Nacional del Centro del Peru, Education Faculty, Licenciature in Education, specialist: Chemistry and Biology; - Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, Anthropological Studies Diploma - Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Master Studies in Philosophy History
Number of Publications25
Other ActivitiesCAM - Center for Mutual Learning, Smith College, USA
Publications1. 'Agricultura tradicional en los Andes', Editorial Horizonte, 1987 2. 'Recursos Filogeneticos Andinos', Conversations in the VI International Congress on Andean Cultives, 1986 3. 'Crianza campesina de Samillas en el Mayo Central San Martin', Grimaldo Rengifo y Julio Fasanando, CEDISA, Centro de Desarrollo de Investigacion de la selva Alta. Noviembre 1994 - Tarapoto 4. 'Mujer y cambios en el sistema agricola del Bajo Mayo' - Grimaldo Rengifo, martha del Castillo, CEDISA, Noviembre 1995, Tarapoto - San Martin 5. 'La cultural de la Bioversidad en los Andes'. En 'La cultura Andina de la Biodiversidad' PRATEC, 1998. This article was published (in English) in: 'Forest, tree and People', Newsletter No. 34, Sweden. Pp. 30-45. Also published (in English) in SID's (International Society of Development) magazine, Rome-Italy
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:28:00

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