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Expert NameMs. Martin Carlos Nostas Antezana
DivisionCompañía "Elisa de Arequipa S.A."
InstitutionConsorcio "La Joya Verde"
Telephone51 54 252 593
Work ExperiencePromotion and Development of: 1. Supply for the Diplomatic Corp. - Lima, Peru 2. Promoter and responsible for the establishment study of a dredee for gold exploitation, Madre de dios, Peru 3. Promotion, Prospection, exploration, quantification and commercialization of distomaceous earth - Arequipa, Peru 4. Promotion of Nopal (Opuntia Spp.) to combat desertification 5. Research and Development of alternative plants for arid zones to feed dairy cattle.
Qualifications- International Relationship Licenciate, Economic Sciences - Economic Sciences, RicardoPalma University, 1978 - Economic Sciences, University Catolica Santa Maria, 1971-1975
Number of Publications0
Other Activities- Membership in cactusnet - Promotion, organization and participation in the international symposium - Nopal (Opuntia Spp.) Its use and application to combat desertification May 26-28 , 1998
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
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