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Expert NameMr. Jesus Felipe Gomez Urquizo
TitleExecutive Director
InstitutionInstituto Laboral para el desarrollo Regional
Telephone51 54 217 005/266 635
Work Experience- As a lawyer, I have advised mainly grassroots organisations (union, peasant communities, and women's organisations). In year 1994, I was granted a scholarship from USAID for the Officials of Environmental Organisations, a specialization course given in the USA. In 1996, I participated in the IX Meetings Session of the UNCCD that took place in New York. In 1997, I participated in the preliminary evaluation of the Thermoelectric Project ENERSUR, under assignment of the Sub-Prefecture of Ilo, Moquegua. - Currently, I am part of the technical direction of the Project for Recuperation of coastal Hills of Atiquipa located in the province of caraveli, Arequipa, which is being executed with support of International Cooperation. - I am also integrating the Air Quality Technical Group, Arequipa's Regional Environmental Council of the CONAM (National Environment Council). - For the work that I am developing, I posses experience and knowledge in development projects executed with internationa
Qualifications- Bachelor of Law, Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, Arequipa, 1990 - Professor in Law, Universidad Nacional de San Agustin, Arequipa, 1991
Number of Publications5
Awards1. ExUSAID scholarship grantee in Tucson Arizona, USA, 1994, for the course Officials of Environmental Organisation; 2. Honor Diploma granted by the Peruvian National Police, for having trained staff of the National Police Xith Region in Law and Environm
Other Activities1. Member of the Attorneys Association of Arequipa 2. Member of the Regional Population Council of Arequipa 3. Associate of NGO ILDER 4. Member of the Peruvian Red Cross Society 5. Member of Foro Ecologico (Ecological Forum) 6. Executive of the RED De AGROECOLOGIA (Ecological Agriculture Network) of Peru (ERASES - PERU) 7. Member and founder of the Socieda peruana del Medio Ambiente (Peruvian Environmental Society) 8. Associate of the Instituto Regional de Ciencias Ambientales (Regional Institute of Environmental Sciences) of the Universidad Nacional de san Agustin Arequipa, Peru (IRECA-UNSA) 9. Member of Environmental Management Commission of Arequipa 10. Lecturer in Environmental Law, Universidad catolica Santa Maria-Graduate School, Arequipa, Peru
Publications1. Gomez, J., 1990: Effects of noise in Textile Industry, Technical Bulletin No. 14 and 15, Lima, Peru; 2. Gomez, J., 1990: Leather Industry in Arequipa, Investigation Center, Education and Development; 3. Gomez, J., 1994: Peruvian Environmental Legislation, NET (Regional Net of Agroecology of Arequipa, Peru); 4. Gomez, J., 1995: Environmental Problems of Arequipa, ILDER, Instituto Laboral para el desarrollo Regional; 5. Gomez, J. and Percy, J., 1996: The struggle convention against desertification and drought, NET, Arequipa Agroecology Network, Peru.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 10:30:00

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