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Expert NameDr. Nicole, Edel, Laure, Marie Bernex Weiss de Falen
TitleProfessor and Academic Head
DivisionCenter of Research in Applied Geography (CIGA), Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Telephone00511 626 2804/2408
Work ExperienceDuring my 40 years as a geographer, I have focused my research, mainly in rural and urban land planning, water basin management, human sustainable development and more recently in climate change adaptation processes in Peru and other South American countries (earlier in India and Thailand). My interest is to study ways of integrated ecosystemic services, water management, and risks (droughts and floods) with land planning at a water basin, regional and national level. Part of my interests includes is also to develop training and educational programmes on Integrated water resources management. It includes geomorphology, climatology, ecology and social sciences as well as GIS as a technical and scientific support to my research. I am the focal point for gender/water and energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Peru in the Inter-American Network of Academies of Science. Thematic areas: Integrated water resources management, ecosystem services, disaster risk management and desertification.Geographic area of experience : Andes and Amazonian river basin (Andean countries, especially Peru and Amazon Basin).
QualificationsPh.D in Geography, University Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France. February 1975; Certificate and registered in Peru - Resolution N° 1120-81-CONAI. Master Degree in Geography (major in Urbanism and Land Planning), University Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France. October 1971.
Number of Publications140
Awards1. Member of Board of the Peruvian National Academy of Sciences and Focal point for Gender, Energy and Water in the Inter-American Network of Academies of Science. 2. Vice-President of the Geographic Society of Lima. 3. President emeritus of the Global Water Partnership Peru (Foro Peruano para el Agua).
Other Activities1. Board Directory Member of Institute of Sciences of Nature, Territories and Renewable Energies (INTE-PUCP) since 2010. 2. Member of GWP-Technical Committee TEC. 3. International member and past-editor of Pan-American Institute of Geography and History. 4. Member of the Permanent Seminary of Agrarian Research (SEPIA). 5. Member of the International Geographical Union (UGI): Commission of Applied Geography and Commission of Water Management.
Publications1. Bernex, Nicole and María del Carmen Tejada. Municipal Disaster Risk management Manual. Lima: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, AECI, Guamán Poma de Ayala Center and Escuela Mayor; 2012. 2. Bernex, Nicole and Manuel Tejada. Climate change, glacier retreat and IWRM. Lima: SGL, GWP – PUCP; 2010. 3. Bernex, Nicole. Editor and co-author. Methodological contributions to integrated watershed management plans. Lima: GWP – PUCP; 2009. 4. Bernex, Nicole. Editor and co-author. Awake in the low Huatanay. Diagnostic of natural resources of the Cusco water basin. Lima: Guamán Poma de Ayala; 2005. 5. Bernex, Nicole. “The remote sensing in Rural Development Experience. The Peruvian Experience”, in: Geographic series, University of Alcala, 1992, bowl. 2, pp. 141-149
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