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Expert NameMr Rufino Garzon
TitleProfessor VI and Director of Regional R & D Consortium
DivisionUniversity of Southern Mindano
InstitutionUniversity of Southern Mindano
Telephone63 64 248-2698
Work Experience- Dean and teacher at the College of Engineering of the University -Director of the Regional Resources and Development Consurtium of Central Mindanao, Philippines -Coordinator of irrigation researches in the university -Agro-Hydrologist of VAST Resources Consultancy that is conducting the EIA of the DAVCO-Del Monte Pineapple plantation in Davao, Philippines
QualificationsPhD in Engineering Science, Agricultural Engineering Lousiana State University, USA, 1990
Number of Publications5
Awards-Lousiana World Hunger Scholarship Program for PhD Studies at LSU, USA -PCARRD Scholarship for MSc studies at UPLB -Outstanding Alumnus (Education Category) awarded by USM, 1997 -Outstanding Dean, awarded by USM, 1999
Other Activities-President, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers (PSAE), Region XII -Chairman, Information System Commitee of USM, Kabacan, Cotabato -Team Leader, USM engineers that designed the drainage system of Kabacan, Cotabato
Publications- The Influence of Shallow Groundwater on the Drainiage Problem of the Kabacan River Irrigation System, Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Polders of the World, 1982 -Application of the Fluctuating Watertabel Model in the Operation of the Controlled - Drainage /Subirrigation, Proceedings of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers International Winter Meeting, Chicago, USA, Dec.1990 -Development and Application of the Fluctuating Watertable Model in the Operation of the Controlled - Drainage / Subirrigation System, USM Research Journal, 1991
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