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Expert NameMr. Ryszard Antoni Debicki
TitleHead of Department, Course Co-ordinator
DivisionPhD Faculty of Biolgoy & Earth Science, Dept of Soil Science
Telephone48 81 5375026
Emailmdebicka0(at); rdebicki(at)
Work Experience1981-1985 "Use of non-conventional conditioners for improvement of agrophysical properties of soils" (Grant No. MR.II.8.04.20, Pl); participation and co-ordination, incl. Field experience. 1986-1996 " Determination of factors responsible for surface soil crusting and water erosion". (Grant No. CPBP, Pl); participation and co-ordiantion, incl. Field and practical experience. 1994-1998 "Soil structure assessment of agricultural soils" (intern. Project: Poland - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Austria - Hungary); participant, incl. Field experience. 1997-1999 "Soter-Soveur" for Central and Eastern Europe" (FAO-ISRIC); participant, including field and practical experience. 1998-2002, Evaluation of the human induced soil and land degradation" (Statutory Basic Rsearch, Departement of Soil Science, UMCS, Lublin); Co-ordinator and participant; including field and practical experience. 1999-2000 "Digital Soil and Land Use Maps of the Roztoczanski National Park" (SE Poland) (Statu
QualificationsProfessor (PhD, DSc), Soil Science & Agricultural Sciences, University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, 2000
Number of Publications92
AwardsMember of the Presidium of the Polish Society of Soil Science and member of the Scientific Committee of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. 2. Scientific Awards of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences (19
Other Activities1. Member of the Polish Sciety of Soil Science, European Sciety of Soil Conservation, and the International Union of Soil Sciences. 2. Active member of the European Soil Forum Steering Committee (1999-2001), as representative of Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC). Chairman, Organising Committee of the Polish Soil Congress and Inter. Conf. "Role of Soil in Functioning of Ecosystems", 1999, Lublin, Poland. Co-ordinator of International Co-operation and Student Exhange Programme, Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Lublin, Poland.
Publications1. Debicki R. (1998) Natural and anthropogenic causes and effects of floods and other disastrous events in Poland. International. Agrophysics, vol, 12, 285-293, Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS). 2. Rejman J., Usowicz B., Debicki R. (1999): Source of errors in prediction of soil susceptiblity to erosion with the use of USLE, Polish Journal of Soil Science, vol., 32(1), 10-18, Committee of soil Science and Agricutural Chemistry, PAS. 3. Debicki R., Sklodowski P. (1999): The role of soil in functioning of ecosystems. Soil Science Annual, vol. 50 No. 3, 5-20, Polish Society of Soil Science. 4. Debicki R. (2000); Land degradation in Central and Eastern Europe. UN CCD-DG Environment, Bonn-Brussels, Expert Report, pp.30 UN CCD Secretariat, Bonn. 5. Rejman J., Debicki R., Helming K. (2001): Effect of surface conditions on runoff and soil loss for a chernozemic soil. International Agrophysics, vol 15, 55-58. Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated10/05/2007 10:51:00

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