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Expert NameProf. Maria José Roxo
DivisionFaculdade de CiênciasSociais e Humanas
InstitutionUniversidade Nova de Lisboa
Telephone351 217 957305/7933519
Work ExperienceSince 1990, I participated in the Medalus Project (Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use) as responsible scientist of the Portuguese research team. During the first two phases of the project (Medalus I and II) performed experimental field work for data collection and soil degradation monitoring. Particular attention to soil erosion quantification using erosion field photos (at Centre Exp. Erosao CV Formoso/Alentejo). Mapping of land use changes of the long run; Climatic and Vegetation Studies; Ecosystems regeneration on abandoned land; Fieldwork performed, on Lower Alentejo-Portugal (Mertola and Serpa) accomplishing deep knowledge and understanding of the area and its local people.
Qualifications- Doctorate in Geography and Regional Planning - Environmental Resources Management - Human Impact on Soil Degradation Processes - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1994.
Number of Publications12
Other ActivitiesMember of IGU; ESSE; Associaçao de Defesa do Patrimonio de Mértola (WWF and Life Programs).
Publications1. Roxo, MJ Casimoro, P. (1996): "Mediterranean Desertification and Land Use-Inner Lower Alentejo-Portugal"; ed. J.B. Thornes & Y. Brandt, J. Wiley & Sons. 2. Roxo, MJ, e Casimiro P. (1993) "A Monocultura Cerealifera no Baixo Alentejo Interior e o Processo de desertifiçao" in Seminario sobre la Desertification y l'a Utilizacion del Suclo en la Cuenca Mediterranea. Almeria. 3. Roxo, MJ (1994) "A acçao antropica no processo de degradaçao di Solos - A Serra de Serpa e Mértola. "Disserracio de Povoamente Univ. Nova de Lisboa, FESH 327p.
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