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Expert NameDr. Adriana-Mirela Mircea
Telephone+40 21 2123996
Work ExperienceMarch 2005 to present: ENINVEST S.A., Bucharest - Romania, Counselor July 2000 / March 2005, Bucharest, Romania, US Embassy at Bucharest, Commercial Specialist on Environment, Energy, Mining, IT&C, Defense, Agriculture Ecolinks Technical Representative July 1998 / February 2000, Bucharest, Ministry of Water, Forest and Environmental Protection, Department of International Affairs and European Integration Director, Expert I A - Directorate for International Programs and International Affairs February 2000 / July 2000, Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection, Director of the Ministers Cabinet, Ministers Spokeperson November 1993 / July 1998, Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection, Waters Department, Directorate of Flood Control, Cadastre and Syntesys, Head of the Principal Internationa Alert Center Romania (PIAC), Expert level II (Senior Level), Reviewer of Specialty Level IV August 1990 / November 1993, Bucharest, Romania, National Institute of Land Reclamation Studies and Design - ISPIF Bucharest, Head of the Research Office Project Manager of the "Smeeni Village - Rural Development" Project Project Manager of the "Modern Irrigation Technologies" Project, Design Engineer for Irrigation, rural development and soil erosion departments August 1988 / August 1990, Braila, Romania, Enterprise for Construction and Explotation of Irrigation Systems in Braila County, Head of the crops irrigation plannig office Hydro - technical Engineer
QualificationsMSc., 1998, major subjects: Irrigation, Drainage, Hydro-technical Works, Embankments and watercourse correction works, Soil Erosion - University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering, Bucharest; PhD., 2001, Flood control (Non-structural measures for flood control in river basins, Technical University for Constructions, Bucharest.
Number of Publications31
Other Activities
Publications1. Adriana Mirela Mircea, 2001: Non-structural measures for flood control on the Romania's River Basins. Case study on Mures River Basin, PhD Thesis, presented in public session in May 2001, Bucharest, Romania 2. Ceachir O., Adriana Mirela Mircea, 1997: "The Interaction between Romania's Water Management and Black Sea"- 7th Stockholm Water Symposium, 3rd International Conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas, Stockholm, Sweden 3. Ceachir O., Cavaria S., Adriana Mirela Mircea, 1998: "The groundwater resources utilization in relation with the water resources management in Romania. Romanian hydraulic models", International Conference on Water Resources and Carstic Formations, Kermanashah, Iran S. Mircea, Adriana Mirela Mircea, 1999: "Some aspects concerning soil erosion and conservation in Romania", The XIX International Training Workshop on Soil and Water Conservation and Dryland Farming, Yangling - China S. Mircea, Adriana Mirela Mircea, 2000: "Soil erosion and conervation activities in Romania", Scientific Bulletin, USAMV, Seria E, XLIII, Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering, Bucharest, Romania.
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