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Expert NameDr. Gheorghe Crutu
TitlePhD. in Agicultural Sciences
Telephone+40 21 3152341
Work ExperienceOrganization, planning and tracking the functioning of the irrigation system (pumping stations, sprinkler equipment, hidrotechical constructions). Sustained activity in the domain of mechanization of watering systems. Mainly responsibility consisted in finding solutions for: the design of protection devices for sprinkler installations with lateral movement; the realization of sprinklers and watering devices designed to work at low pressure; waste water irrigation; water consumption of the cultures, etc. Activity in mechanization and automatization watering with waste water and conventional clean water. Experience in the domain of environmental and water legislation and regulations. A large activity in land rehabilitation and ecology reconstruction; utilization of industrial waste water in agriculture; ecology reclaiming of enclosure impounded etc.
QualificationsUniversity of Agriculture Sciences - Faculty of Land Reclamation, 1982
Number of Publications65
Awards1. Nominated in 2000 during the 9th edition of the "International Directory of Distinguished Leadership" - published by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) 2. Nominated in the 2003 edition of "Contemporary Who's Who" - USA 3. Nominated in the 21st edition of "Men of Achievement" edited by the International Biographic Centre - Cambridge - U.K - 2003
Other Activities1. National Romanian Committee for Irrigation and Drainage 2. Romanian Soil Science Society 3. Member of the Land Reclamation and Environmental Works Certification Commission within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Rural Development 4. Member of the Land Reclamation, Land Patrimony and Environmental Protection Council within MAFRED 5. Member of the Romanian National Committee for Fighting Draught and Desert Forming Phenomena
Publications1. Blujdea V., Kleps Cr., Babeanu Narcisa, Crutu Gh., 2004 - Assessment Report regarding implement of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Romania, ISBN-973, UNDP Bucharest-Romania 2. Crutu Gh., Iga N.,, 1990 - Watering technology with drum and hose installation type IATF-300 and 400 drive with bellows and turbine, I.P. Craiova-Romania 3. Grumeza N., Crutu Gh., 2002 - Researches in Irrigation Area Effected in Romania, Homage volume ISPIF-Bucharest, pag. 169 4. Crutu Gh., Grumeza N., 2003 - Rehabilitation viable irrigation system of zones with desertification risk, Vol. ASAB Bucharest, pag.92 5. Grumeza N., Nicolescu C., Crutu Gh., 2004 - Some aspects regarding rational applied ofirrigation, Prog. AGRAL vol. II - Bucharest, pag. 25.
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