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Expert NameDr. Cristian Kleps
DivisionInternational Cooperation Department
Telephone+40 21 2229128
Emailasas(at), ckleps(at)
Work Experience1. PHARE Project RO9504-01-03: "Strategic Review of the Agricultural knowledge and Information System" (cooperation as local expert with specialists of SAC INTERNATIONAL COMPANY from Edinburgh, Scotland) 2. PHARE Project RO9504-01-01: "Development of National Extension Services" (cooperation as local expert with specialists of AHT INTERNATIONAL COMPANY from Essen, Germany) 3. UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project: "Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in the Danube River Basin" (cooperation as local expert with specialists of GFA TERRA SYSTEMS from Hamburg, Germany) 4. The World Bank & MAFRD Project "Modernizing Agricultural Knowledge and Information System" (cooperation as local expert with specialists of WB and MAFRD - PMU) 5. UNDP/GEF/UNCCD & MEWM Project: "Romanian National Capacity Self Assessment for Global Environment Management" (cooperation as local expert with specialists of UNCCD and MEWM-PMU)
Qualifications1. Engineer in hydroamelioration and environmental engineering; Hydrotechnic Faculty, Technical Institute of Construction, Bucharest, 1973 2. Doctor's degree (PhD) in Agricultural sciences, Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, Bucharest, 1994 3. Post-doctoral specialization, with a Fulbright fellowship, in agricultural and environmental extention, consulting and technology transference, University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Lexington, Ky, USA, 1997
Number of Publications
Awards1. Diploma of Excellence, awarded in 2002, for entire professional activity (1973-1995) in the frame of the Research and Engineering Institute for Irrigation and Drainage Baneasa-Giurgiu 2. Diploma of "Kentucky Colonel" awarded in 1998 by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, after the graduation of post-doctoral specialization as Romanian Fulbrighter in the frame of University of Kentucky
Other Activities
Publications1. Grumeza N., Kleps C., 1985 - Methods to increase the efficiency of water use in the irrigation systems. CERES Publishing House, Bucharest 2. Grumeza N., Merculiev O., Kleps C., 1989 - Watering forecasting and programming in the irrigation systems. CERES Publishing House, Bucharest 3. Kleps C., Tusa C., 1992 - Water losses in the transport network of the irrigation systems and mitigation technologies by using new proofing materials. AGRIS Publishing House, Bucharest 4. Kleps C., Lacatusu Gh., 1999/2000 - From the international experience related consulting and technology transference in agriculture (vol. 1 + vol. 2). AGRIS Publishing House, Bucharest 5. Grumenza N., Kleps C., 2004 - Irrigation arrangements in Romania (in press). CERES Publishing House, Bucharest
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
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