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Expert NameDr. Mateescu Elena Dumitru
TitleDr. Eng. In Agronomical Sciences
DivisionClimatology and Agrometeorology Department
Telephone+40 21 3163240 ext. 173
Work ExperienceResearch activity - in the domain of hazard agro-climatic factors and crops vulnerability to the extreme climatic events occurence aiming at assessing the effects upon the vegetation condition and the agricultural productivity and the elaboration of warning measures and the climatic hazard mitigation in the agricultural domain; Operational activity: a) responsible of the Agrometeorological Operational Program, since 1 june 2004, b) asistant in carriyng out the specialized agrometeorological bulletins (diagnoses, forecasts, etc.) submitted to the decision-making factors in the Government, Ministries, mass-media, etc. Responsabilities: a) Scientific coordinator in the elaboration of the "Small Atlas of Agro-climatic Hazard" - a "guide" useful for the user in agriculture and not only. In this volume, information regarding the main hazard meteorological phenomena (thermal, hydric, mechanical and combined hazard, respectively), with negative impact in the agriculture is included; b) Elaboration of specialized studies.
QualificationsDr. Eng. in Agronomical Sciences, Univesity of Agronomical and Veterinary Sciences Bucharest, Faculty of Agriculture, Specialization "Plants crop".
Number of Publications45
Awards1. Member of the Working Group of Romania for the Drought, Land Degradation and Desertification in the framework of the implementation of the UNCCD 2. National Delegate of Romania for the Management Committee within COST Action 725, 2004-2009 3. Responsible of Romania for the European projects ACCRETe, 2005-2007
Other Activities
Publications1. Elena Mateescu, N. Tanislav, V.V. Vatamanu, 2004, Impact of the drought conditions upon the wheat and maize crops in the Caracalului Plain, SITECH Publishing House, Craiova, ISBN 973-657-535-7, pg. 1 - 163 2. Elena Mateescu et al., 2002, Small Atlas of Agro-climatic Hazard, NC "NIMH", Bucharest, 2002, pg. 1-35 3. Elena Mateescu, Adriana Marica, Rodica Oprisescu, 2003, "the frequency and areal of the agricultural drought in the south and south-eastern area of Romania", Workshop "Drought - Measures to mitigate the effects upon crops", dedicated to the celebtration of 75 years since the setting up of the Romanian Institute of Agronomical Researches (ICAR) 1927-2002, AGRIS Publishing House - Agricultural Journals editorial office, Bucharest, 2003, ISBN 973-8115-27-2, pg. 145-156 4. Elena Mateescu, 1998, Researches regarding the sequence of droughty, rainy and normal periods over charasteristic intervals for agriculture in the Oltenia Plain - Annals of the University "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava, Geography-Geology Division, Proceedings of the workshop "Environment Quality and Land Use - May 1998", Year VII, 1998, ISSn 1221-6801, pg. 227-236 5. Elena Mateescu, Rodica Povara, Rodiva Opriescu, 1999, Study of the agrometeorological stress parameters and their impact upon the winter wheat during the earing-flowering-beans filling period - Scientific papers USAMV Bucharest, Series: A, Vol. XLI, 1999, ISSN 1221-5339, Bucharest, pg. 133-149
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