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Expert NameDr. Viorel Blujdea
TitleDr. Eng.
DivisionTree physiology laboratory
Telephone+40 21 2703316
Emailviorelb(at), viorel_blujdea(at)
Work ExperienceResearch and extension experience related to forest ecophysiology and ecology (leaf gas exchange and drought tolerance, carbon allocation and biomass repartition in forest trees/stands, BEFs, LCAs), forest restoration in dry areas, afforestation of degraded lands and environmental impact assessment. Experience in designing /monitoring plan/monitoring of carbon sequestration in afforestation of degraded land projects. National responsible for the LULUCF Chapter 5 of the GHG National Inventory. Experience related to land use and land use change in dry areas, social impact, conflictual land use and social issues, environmental and financial synergies and instruments for land use improvement, capacity building, negotiation skills, teaching and training capabilities. International consultant for different organizations (World Bank, UNDP, UNCCD) and experience in the framework of several programs: COST E6, COST E9, COST E21, JICA, NASA, bilaterals
QualificationsForestry engineer (1993) - Brasov University, Romania PhD in dry areas forests ecophysiology (2000) Brasov University, Romania
Number of Publications50
Other Activities1. National Focal Point of UNCCD 2. Member of Romanian National Commission for Climate Change (since 1997) - covering land use and land use related issues 3. Member of the Scientific Council of Forest research and Management Institute with the tasks to participate in the elaboration of the research strategy of the institute
Publications1. Blujdea V., Kleps C., Babeanu N., Crutu Gh. (Melinte I. - coord) Thematic assessment on the implementation of the UN Convention on Combat Desertification in Romania, GEF/UNDP NCSA, 2004 2. Blujdea V., Abrudan I., Pahontu C.: Afforestation of bad lands financed through Joint Implementation Projects, Seminar FAO/ECE on Strategies for the sound use of wood, 24-27 March 2003, Poiana Brasov, Romania (TIM/SEM.I/2003/R.23) 3. Blujdea V., Abrudan I.: Afforestation of degraded and marginal agricultural lands by flexible instruments of Kyoto Protocol, In: Anale Seria I, vol 46, 2003 - Scientific research for sustainable forests management, Forest Research and Management Institute - 70 years of activity, Bucharest 2003, p. 399 4. Brown S., Phillips H., Voicu M., Abrudan I., Blujdea V., Pahontu C., Kostyuhin V. (2002): Romania Afforestation of degraded agricultural land project - Baseline study, Emission reductions projection and monitoring plans, Prepared for the World Bank, 144 p. 5. Blujdea V.: Contribution of Romanian forestry to reduction of the GHG emissions unter climate chante, in Climate chante impact on forest in Romania (edt. V. Giurgiu), Edt. Academiei Romane (in press), 2005
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