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Expert NameMs. Emma Gabunshchina
DivisionMinistry of Environmental and Natural Resources Protection
CityKalmyk, Elista
Telephone847 22 61045/51252
EmailGabunshchina Emma
Work ExperienceThe Head of the Russian delegationat 5 session of IGC of the UN. Author of an International Project to organize in the Republic of Russia, European Arid Centre, approved at the 8th session of IGC of the UN and the official document of the 9 session of the IGC of the UN under number A/AC.241-60 Elaboration of the methods in teh sphere of the combat against desertfication in Kalmykia (Black soil - the first antropogenic desert in Europe)
QualificationsCandidate of Biology, senior lecturer, Ecology, Moscow state University
Number of Publications
Other ActivitiesActive member of the russian Ecologic Academy, academician
PublicationsGabunshchina E.B. Search for the ways to prevent the soils degradation of the Republic of Kalmykia. Address at the Russian Conference to prevent the soils degradation in Elista, Kalmykia: Etnopolitical panorama. Essays. Documents. Materials. VII (Ed. by E.B. Guchinova, G.A. Komarova). p. 108-115; 2. Gabunshchina E. B. On interantional coperation in the sphere of ecology// Arid ecosystems. RSA. v.2-3,, N 2-3, M: 1996. P. 184-189; Gabunshchina E. B Desert reaches Europe// Our Planet. The United Nations Environment Programme. Magazine for Environmentally Sustainable Devellopment. V. & N. 5. 1997. p. 14-15. Gabunschina E. B. Programme on combat against desertification of the Russian Federation on an example of the Republic of Kalmykia// Problems of deserts utilisation. N.2. Ashgaha: 1996. P. 33-36; 5. Gabunschchina E. B. Ecological crimes in Kalmykia// East-West Seminar Hesbjerg, October 1995. Hesbjerg reace research college, 1996. p 22.
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