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Expert NameDr. German Kust
DivisionFaculty of Soil Science, Moscow State University
CountryRussian Federation
Telephone00 7 926 6206640
Work ExperienceI have an experience of expertise/advisory/consultancy work with different national (since 1984) and international (since 1991) organizations, such as World Bank (IDA and MIGA), UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO, UNCCD, and others. The majority of the projects are/were dealt with sustainable/environmental land management, biodiversity conservation, participatory planning, mostly in the countries affected by land degradation. Some of the projects were related to the scientific assessment, diagnostics and indicating desertification processes and their mapping.
Qualifications1996. Doctor of biology -postdoc “professor” degree 1988. Ph.D Soil alkalinity phenomenon and its diagnostics 1984. Msc Soil Science and agrochemistry, faculty of Moscow Lomonosov State university
Number of Publications200
Awards2011. World Bank. VPU Team Award. 2010. World Bank. Europe and Central Asia region. “Improving the Lives of People in ECA 2010” Competition. 2004. China. Urum?hi. International Centre for Desert Affairs. Academic Committee member.
Other Activities1. UNCCD Science and Technology correspondend, 2012 to present 2.Current consultant member (environmental specialist) of the World Bank sustainable natural resource management team 3.Current Expert Council member. Eurasian Centre for Food Security. Moscow, Russian Federation 3.2003-2008. Expert, Roster of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of GEF (Global Environmental Facility 4.1996-2012 – Executive (deputy) director of the Institute of Ecological Soil Science in Moscow Lomonosov State University 6.Member of the Editorial boards of scientific journals: “Arid Ecosystems” (Springer published), “Journal of ecological Soil Science” (Moscow, Russia), Soil Survey Journal (Stellenbosh, South Africa)
Publications1.Kust G.S. Desertification assessment and mapping in the Aral Sea region. World Desertification Atlas - II. Ewart A. Publishers, London, UK, 1997. 2.Andreeva O.V., Kust G.S. Application of Desertification Assessment Methodology for Soil Degradation Mapping in the Kalmyk Republic of the Russian Federation. // Desertification Control Bulletin, Number 32, 1998. P.2-13. 3.Kust G.S. (Editor). Desertification and Soil Degradation. Moscow. 1999. 488 p/ 4.Sabkha Ecosystems. Volume II: West and Central Asia. Ed. M. Ajmal Khan, Benno Boer, German S.Kust, Hans-Jorg Barth. Springer. Netherlands. 2006. 259 p. 5.Kust G.S. To the treatment and interpretation of the “desertification” term in Russia. Arid ecosystems, 2011, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 299–304. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2011
DisciplineSustainable Development
Last updated17/11/2014 17:17:00

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