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Expert NameMr. Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa
DivisionFaculty of Agriculture
InstitutionUniversity of Al-Zaeim Al-Azhari
Telephone249 313716
Work Experience*Supervised more than 15 M.Sc./Ph. D. research projects. *Participated as a member of the task team of Arab organization for Agric. Development a ssigned to evaluate the state farms in South Yemen (1984). *Team leader for writing a formulation document on utilization management and reclomation of salt- affected soils of the Sudan (1991). * Participation in many local and workshops pertaining to desertification including: 1. IGAD workshop field in Nairobi (Dec. 1993); 2. IGAD consultation on the implementation of the UN convention to combat desertification. Asmara August 1995. * Ahendered and presented a document on National Action programme of the Sudan. National form on Desertification.
QualificationsB.Sc. Khartoum University, Sudan M.Sc. Aberdeen, University of Scotland Ph.D. California (Riverside) USA
Number of Publications50
Other Activities1. Member of Sudanese Society of Soil Science 2. Member of American Society of Agronomy (1968-1993)
Publications1. Mustafa, M.A., and E.A. Abdel Magid, 1982. Agron.J.74: 447-451 2. Mustafa, M.A., 1986. Salt-affected Soils in Sudan. Reclam. & Reveg. Res.5: 115-124 3. Mustafa, M.A. et al, 1991 (Team leader) A Formulation Document of an IGADD Development Project 4. Mustafa (National Coordinator): Sudan National Report. IGADD Subregional Case Study for INCD (1993) 5. Desertification Assessment and Mapping Methodology in Sudan. Babiker, I.A. and M.A. Mustafa and Salih T.M. (1992).
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated15/01/2007 16:15:00

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