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Expert NameProf. Hassan Abdel Rahman Musnad
TitleCoordinator of Graduate Studies
DivisionCollege of Forestry Science
InstitutionSudan University for Science and Technology
Work Experience1963-1967: Was doing general forestry work in Sudan. 1967-1985: Was doing research in the arid zone of Sudan. Was also training in Egypt, India, Australia, France during this period. 1985-1988: Was coordinating work on desertification control. Then appointed Director of the Rehabilitation Programme in the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC). 1989: Appointed President of the National Research Council to coordinate research in the Sudan. Then returned as Director of the Forestry Research Centre till he retired in 1995. Now coordinating the Graduate Studies in the Forestry College of Science, University of Sudan.
QualificationsB.Sc. Biology - University of Khartoum 1960 B.Sc. Forestry - University of Edinburgh 1963 M.Sc. Aridland Ecology - University of Khartoum 1972
Number of Publications20
Awards1. A. Mayer Fellowship for Research: Tree Physiology/water-relation 1971/72. 2. Advisor to the Swedish - Sudanese Association.
Other Activities1. Chairman of MAB Committee National UNESCO Committee 2. Member of the IUFRO International Council 1990-1995 3. Coordinator IFS proposed projects in Sudan 4. One of the negociators to formulate the UN Convention for Desertification Control 5. Represented Sudan in several UNEP General Council meetings
Publications1. Soil Moisture Conservation for Plant Growth in Arid Areas M.Sc thesis 2. Forestry for Rural Community Development FAO 1978 3. Land Reclamation in Kerma Basin - Sudan Silva 1978 4. Soil Conservation and Land Use Sudan Silva 1966 5. Debris and Sedimentation at El Roseris Hydroelectric Dam 1983 - Ministry of Energy
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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